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Mod: Mages Guild Quests 1_7
Game: TES IV: Oblivion
Authors: Mages Guild Quest Project Team
Requires: Shivering Isles
Release Date: 11/15/11
1. Information on the Mod
2. Installation
3. Version History
4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting
5. Copy Status and Credits
This mod adds additional Mages Guild Quests. This version contains 43 quests.

There are seven quest-givers:

(1) Livia Agripina at the Arcane University Arch-Mage's Lobby. She has 25 repeatable alchemical
ingredient collection quests issued in random order.

(2) Orynthale at the Bravil Mages Guild hall. He has eight repeatable quests where you attack and
clean out eight Necromancer lairs.

(3) Vilwen at the Skingrad Mages Guild. She has a quest where you work to help her collect Mages
Guild Dues from various mages who have fallen behind.

(4) Talimsha at the Cheydinhal Mages Guild. She has an alchemy puzzle quest.

(5) S'drassa, at the Leyawiin Mages Guild, the same one who has the vanilla Oblivion "Tears of the
Savior" quest, has another quest for a different kind of crystal he wants to add to his collection.

(6) Ogmar Evil Eye at the Chorrol Mages Guild hall. He has six repeatable quests where you attack and
clear out six Necromancer lairs.

(7) Garothmuk gro-Khagdum at the Cheydinhal Mages Guild. He has a huge collecter's quest where the
objects you seek are scattered all over Cyrodiil.

Non-quest extras:

(1) A companion who you can recruit at the Anvil Mages Guild. She has 3000 health points, has wait,
follow, and dismiss options, teleports to catch up and therefore won't get lost in Oblivion gates, has
custom silent dialog, and is set up so that you can access her inventory and add or remove things.
This functionality does not require CM Partners or other mods.



The alchemical ingredient procurement quests are fairly simple and straight-forward. The
quest-giver may say something such as, "Go find ten units of this mushroom for the project we are
working on." The quests may sound deceptively easy to complete, but you may have to travel a lot and
do a lot of searching to find as much of the ingredient as you need.

These quests may be repeated. They are assigned in a random order. It is set up so that you
will not be assigned a particular quest any more frequently than every fourth quest. The plan is to
greatly expand this pool of randomly issued quests so that the chance of doing the same one twice is low
unless you stick with it a long time. The computer records how many quests you complete. Each three
quests you complete earns you a reward from a menu of possibilities that the quest-giver offers. The
quests are available to any member of the Mages Guild of any rank.

There is a dresscode that must be followed though. This quest-giver insists that you wear
some sort of Mages Guild robe when speaking to her. She is rather old-fashioned. When not actually
talking to her, you can wear your armor, or bright orange wizard robe, or whatever you like to wear.

To start this series of quests, you must belong to the Mages Guild. Go to the Arch-Mage's
Lobby at the Arcane University and talk to Livia Agripina.


To start this series of quests, you must be a member of the Mages Guild. Talk to Orynthale in
the Bravil Mages Guild.

The Guild is having problems with Necromancers. Orynthale is the mage in charge of combating
the problem in the Bravil area. He figures that it is better to strike first and hit the Necromancers
where they live rather than waiting around for them to attack and kill all the mages at another Mages
Guild location.

Orynthale will tell you where he knows the Necromancers are lurking. He will give you a paper
with the quest instructions in case you forget. Several other mages will accompany you in the attack on
the Necromancer lair.

To complete the quest, you will need to find and kill the Necromancer boss. He or she is much
tougher than all the other Necromancers. After the quest, you can return to Orynthale for a small reward
above and beyond the loot you gathered in the dungeon. The companions only follow you while you are
assigned the quest but have not yet completed it and reported back to Orynthale.

The form that this quest series is sort of like the alchemical ingredient quests. The enemies
will respawn and the quests will be repeatable. It will be set up so you rotate through all of them
before the quest-giver assigns the first one to you again. The common enemies respawn using the game
engine for a respawn every three days by default. The bosses respawn by script when the quests are
assigned to you. The companions that go with you on the missions will respawn after three days. The
rewards at the end of the quests will be given out again each time you complete the quest.

The reason this quest series does not use quest diary entries, but uses papers instead, is that
the quests are repeatable.


To start this quest, you must be a member of the Mages Guild. Talk to Vilwen at the Skingrad
Guild of Mages.

People have not been paying their Mages Guild dues on time. Vilwen has been trouble getting
some people to pay. I guess no one really enjoys paying a bunch of money for something like that which
does not give them something tangible that they can immediately touch and see and use.

Vilwen asks if you can try to go collect the late Mages Guild dues from a number of people that
she and others have not been able to get to pay.

This may sound like a tame little quest, but you might be surprised at how dangerous it can be
trying to get someone to give you their money.


To start this quest, you must be a member of the Mages Guild. Talk to Talimsha at the
Cheydinhal Mages Guild.

Talimsha, is young, far from home, and totally stressed-out by her alchemy project. She is
ready to quit alchemy all together, flip out and attack somebody, become a skooma addict, or otherwise
do serious harm to herself.

You can talk to her in a variety of ways that will make her sad, violent, angry, hateful, or
hopeful. If you decide to be nice rather than mean to your fellow member of the Mage Guild, she has
a tricky alchemy puzzle for your to try to solve. It involves an incomplete recipe written on a piece
of parchment, some custom alchemical ingredients you will not have used before, and four pieces of
custom alchemical apparatus sitting on a counter. These special tools of the alchemist's trade do not
function like the other ones in Oblivion. You will have to read the instructions carefully, listen to
what Talimsha tells you, and be observant regarding what happens with each potion-making attempt.
Alchemy can be dangerous, and people can get hurt when experiments explode.

If you figure out how to make the potion, Talimsha will really love you. She will be able to
move on to her other research and may be able to get her recommendation for the Arcane University. She
will reward you with some powerful potions that she made. Some of them are custom potions available
nowhere else.


You do not need to be a member of the Mages Guild to get this quest. Just talk to S'Drassa
at the Leyawiin Mages Guild.

S'Drassa loves collecting magical crystals. You may have played his vanilla Oblivion quest
"Tears of the Savior." If you have not, he will ask you about doing that quest for him too. To start
the quest from this mod, ask him about the topic "Crystals."

S'Drassa has recently read about some crystals that were seen in Cyrodiil. Huge purple ones
that make a magical sounds like the ones found in Morrowind. The books just mentioned the crystals in
passing, so S'Drassa doesn't know exactly where to have you look. A couple of marked map locations were
mentioned though, and the crystals are reported to be deep in caves or mines in the Valus Mountains near
the border of Morrowind. S'Drassa will pay you a lot of gold if you can find the crystals and tell him
where they are and bring back a sample. He will then proudly display the crystal in one of his display

This quest uses three retextured crystal static meshes and a retextured havoked item. The
crystals are randomly placed in one of four dungeons. You will have to search them all until you find
what you seek. This mod structure makes it so that there is more replay value, because the second time
you play the quest with a new character, it may come out totally different.


To start this series of six repeatable quests, you must be a member of the Mages Guild. Talk
to Ogmar Evil Eye in the Chorrol Mages Guild.

This series of necromancer fighting quests is set up just like Orynthale's quest. See the
details above. The difference is that you have a different quest-giver, different companions, and go
to different dungeons.


Garothmuk gro-Khagdum needs someone to find ten magical chalices. Apparently there are only ten or eleven genuine ones, while the rest are replicas. He's fairly sure that many of the true chalices are in caves near rivers or lakes; one he suspects is south of Cheydinhal. You will be rewarded when you return to him with ten chalices.

There are more than 300 chalices, both True and fake, in various locations around Cyrodiil. Some are out in the open, others are harder to find, and still others are hidden in bags. Some of them are worth gold, others are not. However, even the cheapest chalices have a secret to reveal... if you find enough of them.

To start the quest:
- Go to Cheydinhal's Mage Guildhouse and talk to the orc mage Garothmuk. OR
- Go to any Mage's Guildhouse or the Arcane University lobby; then take and read the scroll marked "Mage Seeks Adventurer."

2. Installation
Extract (decompress) the .esp, meshes, textures, and sounds to your Oblivion directory.
The default is: C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\
Mark the box next to the "Mages Guild Quests" plugin in your mod manager.

Alternately, extract someplace else. Then move the .esp, meshes, textures, and sounds to
Oblivion\Data. If asked if it is okay to merge folders, say yes. Mark the box next to the plugin
in your mod manager.
3. Version History
V 1.7 11/15/11 Fixed leveled list error with aaaObeisanceToken.
V 1.6 11/3/11 Bugfix for the scripting problem with setting down and picking up chalices increasing
chalice counts.
V 1.5 10/10/11 Total of 43 quests. There are 25 small alchemical ingredient quests, 14 Necromancer
fighting quests, 1 Mages Guild dues collection quest, 1 Alchemy puzzle quest, 1
quest for a magic crystal, and 1 large collector's quest.
V 1.4 8/18/11 Total of 42 quests. There are 25 small alchemical ingredient quests, 14 Necromancer
fighting quests, 1 Mages Guild dues collection quest, 1 Alchemy puzzle quest, and 1
quest for a magic crystal.
V 1.3 8/3/11 Total of 30 quests. There are 19 small alchemical ingredient quests, 8 Necromancer
fighting quests, 1 Mages Guild dues collection quest, 1 Alchemy puzzle quest, and 1
quest for a magic crystal.
V 1.2 7/31/11 Total of 28 quests. Nineteen small alchemical ingredient quests, eight Necromancer
fighting quests, and one Mages Guild dues collection quest.
V 1.1 7/27/11 Total of 20 quests. Nineteen small alchemical ingredient quests and one Necromancer
fighting quest.
V 1.0 7/24/11 Upload of open alpha WIP. Nine small alchemical ingredient quests.
4. Conflicts, Known Issues, and Troubleshooting
This mod will not work right without Shivering Isles.

So far there has not been enough play-testing done on this mod.

If you locate a bug, contact David Brasher from the Mages Guild Quest Project Team on TES
Nexus so that the situation can be examined and can hopefully be fixed.
5. Copy Status and Credits
Credits: David Brasher for some quests, three retextured potions, and some retextured crystals.
Nellspeed for Garothmuk's collector's quest.
Rowan Leeves for play-testing.
Gizmodian, for the Gothic Resource Set. - http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=35466
Bethesda for making Oblivion in an open format anyone can mod.

Copy Status: You must obtain permission first before using things from this mod in your own uploaded
mods. Some of the things in this mod are public domain, and permission will be freely given, but some
things from this mod are not.