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Fight the battles of long ago. Relive the moments that shaped Cyrodiil's history. Save a doomed city from certain destruction at the hands of Mehrunes Dagon.

Welcome to Famous Battles! In this mod, you'll be able to relive events of old, battles past, and meet characters that shaped Tamrielic history. Throughout your journey, you'll save Sancre Tor from a High Rock-Skyrim alliance, end a civil war in Elsweyr, aid the forces of former Queen Potema, and defend a burning city from a Daedric invasion. I'd make you read the readme, but I'll also include the info right here.

Silent Voice or Dialogue Extenders are recommended, but not required. (Silent Dialogue)

To start this quest simply travel to the Kvatch camp. Then follow the road up the hill until you get near the barricade, where you'll get a journal entry. Then follow the directions. Good luck!


1. My controls are disabled, but nothing's happening! Don't worry, just wait about ten seconds. Sometimes, scripted events take a while.

2. I can't hear anything! Most of the dialogue is silent, but one of the speeches is voiced.

The Team

Fluffy Knight: NPCs

Uglulyx: Retexturing

Rokknroll4: Disaster at Ionith

Cobb: Historian

Anyone else who helped us along the way.


v. 1.0 Original

Thanks for reading!