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““KseAliLeveling” v. 1.1 by KseAli


You will not be presented with series of 7 dialogs to increase attributes during combat. They will be presented only after combat is finished. This is important only if you are using oblivion.ini setting for immediate level up.


This is character leveling mod. It does nothing with creatures, NPC, loot leveling.

This mod may be interesting to those who wants more freedom in selection which attributes to increase. Using this mod you will level up as in default Oblivion leveling system after increasing ten major skills, but in level up screen you will have all modifiers set to 1 and therefore can increase by 1 three attributes of your choice. Few seconds after that you will be presented with series of 7 dialogs which allow you additionally increase by 1 attribute of your choice. Which attributes you can increase doesn’t depend on skills you have trained. This means that with every level up you have 10 attribute points which you can distribute as you wish (you can’t put more than 8 points into one attribute because of in the standard level up screen you forced to select 3 different attribute). Also with this mod you can increase attributes ABOVE 100.

Additional feature (optional) which I implemented in this mod is that you get extra bonus attribute point every time when you have closed oblivion gate (quest or random).

The number of attribute points you can distribute when level up can be changed by typing in console
Set KseAliLevelUpInc to #
Where # is number of additional attribute points to distribute when level up (default value 7)

The number of attribute points you can distribute after closing Oblivion gate can be changed by typing in console
Set KseAliGateCloseInc to #
Where # is number of attribute points to distribute after closing Oblivion gate (default value 1). By setting this value to 0 you disable bonus attribute for closing gates.


1) Extract .esp to the Oblivion Data directory
2) Enable .esp in the Oblivion Launcher (click on Data Files)
3) Start a new or load saved game. After few seconds you will see a message “KseAli Free Leveling Activated”. This message will appear only if you starting new game or loading game saved without mod activated.

This mod should be compatible with any mods except mods which changed default Oblivion character leveling system.