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Better Cities Imperial City Lighting Overhaul v 1.4
By OC3, June 28, 2011
This is currently no longer compatible with Better Cites v 5.1.6 and 5.1.7, due to the fact that BC used my work without my permission and incorporated some parts of this mod into those versions. At my request, they have reportedly removed these unauthorized elements, so version 5.1.8 may be compatible, although I have not confirmed it.

FIRST, a note about performance. Don't assume that this will be a performance killer. It's not. In fact it should IMPROVE performance. It actually runs smoother inside Imperial City than it does in say, Bravil, or Cheydinhal, even around the palace. So if you are using Better Cities, you definately should use this.

How can it improve performance?...
When I was working on this I discovered that there were originally 2, yes 2, light sources inside of each streetlamp and wall mounted lamp in Better Cities IC. As if that weren't bad enough, light sources that overlap each other cause a severe perfomance hit as each pixel is lit twice. Not only does that kill performance, it creates an ugly greenish tint near the light.

But that's not all. Those 2 light sources used animated flames. Yes, 2 animated flames, that you could not even see, inside each lamp.

This mod eliminates one of those animated light sources from every lamp in imperial city!! So even though I have added a few light sources, the total number is actually FAR less than before. So enjoy the prettier lighting with no performance hit.

What it does...

In general, it makes the lighting in the Imperial City much more realistic and Immersive.

Specifically, it does three main things, and some other smaller ones.

First, the streetlamps have been remodeled so that the flame inside can be seen. It's quite nice to see the flame dancing around inside each lamp. This applies to all lamps, wall mounted or street. Also, I fixed the issue of the lamps sound running even when the lamps are off.

Secondly, The arboritum has been given the best overhaul of any of the districts, except maybe the palace. The proprietors of the arboritum hotel have have illuminated the various interest points and pathes of the arboritum with candles at night which will actually turn off and on at appropriate times, and also added some lamp posts to the arboritum to give it some light at night also. Most importantly, they have have improved the waterfall to be much more robust and built a sitting area next to the waterfall. The pond is now a wishing well full of coins beneath the floating water lillies. I also removed the railroad tie looking stepping stones and replaced with a flagstone texture. The removal of the stepping stones may give a slight performance boost. It will look the best using Detailed Terrain, I highly recommend it.

Thirdly, Before the Oblivion crisis began, the workers in Imperial City restored its most impressive landmark. The have scrubbed hundreds of years worth of crud and grime off of the White Gold Tower. It now glows with the magical light of the Ayleids. This light can be seen as far away as the tower can be seen, as long as the weather is clear. It's really handy to use as a landmark if you've lost your bearings. The lighting at the base of the tower is also visible from afar.

Other improvements:

Improved the texture of the base of the street lamps.

Added fires to the watchtowers.

Improved the appearance of the arcane fires in the Arcane University...the pink ones.

Adjusted some of the lighting in the Arcane University to be less overpowering.

Many more light sources at the base of the IC tower.

Provided lighting of some areas of the districts when viewed from outside the city, similar to "cities alive at night"

Added some overturned and burning streetlamps to the final bit of the main quest.

Compatability and requirments...
Is compatible with All Natural Real Lights. Just load the compatibility esp after the real lights esp.

Both of the provided plugins require Better Cities Imperial City- All Districts. Hopefully in the future, I can make a vanilla version.

There is a Better Clocks for Better Cities compatible esp included. Use whichever esp applies to you. Only one!

Will also work with BC Blood and Mud, see instructions in the readme on THIS page. The readme in the download won't be updated until the next release.

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