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Bookshelves are a pain for when you are trying to place books on them. And so this mod will fix that. This was my friends idea. This is a modders resource and download for Better Bookshelves In Buyable Houses. Bookshelves will count as containers and when you activate them you can drag and drop books into it. And static books will go onto the shelf for looks.

For those who might use this in their mods download the Better Bookshelves Modders Resource and in the file try out the demo. If you do want to use Better Bookshelves Modders Resource you will need to get BSA Unpacker to unpack some models from the game BSAs. In the file it will say what to unpack. For those who are using Better Bookshelves and want to have a link to their mod below that uses Better Bookshelves just leave a comment or just PM me.

Mods that use Better Bookshelves
Oblivion Castle Goldmore
Shivering Isles Buy A House

And if you want to use Better Bookshelves In Buyable Houses just download the file and enjoy. It will have a Better Bookshelves in they buyable homes in Anvil, Skingrad, Bruma, and Leyawiin. And if you have Morrowind also check out my Morrowind Better Bookshleves.

BSA Unpacker (Modders Resource Download)

To install the Modders Resource just download then extract folder and drag nif. into your data\meshes folder and drag the plug-in into the data folder and drag the text document anywhere. To install the Better Bookshelves In Buyable Houses just download then extract folder and drag plugin into your data folder.