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Last updated at 1:35, 28 Aug 2011 Uploaded at 23:07, 10 Apr 2011

For use with the MOD Hud Status Bars by TNO.

Icons for custom status bars.

See screenshot for example of usage.

Unzip to your data/textures/menus/HudStatusBars/Misc folder.

Customized INI file updated: 8/23/11:

Updated Bar Codes to reflect changes in the new version of HSB. Now includes Player Detriments, Buffs and Enhancements, rewrote the Disease Notifications to be added to Player Detriment area, Special Notification for Vampirism Disease, and other INI bar Code cleanups.

See the sceenshots of my HUD for displayed usage.

Every Hud Status bars code is listed in this ini file. Use as you wish. Just cut and paste the relevant snippet of code into your own ini file.

8/7/11 - Updated icon file to add resists icons . Added ini code file to archive . Ini file includes code snips for resists.

8/2/11 - updated to include code examples for fearsomemagicka circle spells. Additions for for caffeine and alcohol bars for Basic Primary Needs mod. Corrected error in Shivering Isles Bounty bar---now reads correct SI bounty value and only displays when in the isles.. Corrected Player Bounty bar to show only if in Cyrodiil. Cleaned up disease bars coding.

REMEMBER to change the tnoHSB.hud_x and the tnoHSB.hud_y to the placement YOU want on your screen.

For bars reading a formID from a specific mod...like the diseases from WAC or the bars for fearsomemagicka...REMEMBER to change the first two numbers in the tnoHSB.hud_val to MATCH the load order of the mod.

ADDITINAL INFO for fearsomemagicka bars:

For anyone wanting HUD Status Bars to track the fearsome magicka circles...they must follow this step:

Open fearsomemagicka.esp in the CS
Go to Character tab
Go to Faction tab
Scroll down to the following 5 factions...FMNrofFirstCircleSpellsCast, FMNrofSecondCircleSpellsCast, FMNrofThirdCircleSpellsCast, FMNrofFourthCircleSpellsCast, FMNrofFifthCircleSpellsCast and right click the faction box on the right and add new..I added 30 ranks to each (1-30) no description necessary.