Morrowind Style Dwemer Gear by HelBorne - Ghogiel - Zu - and others
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1. Description:

This mod replaces both the armor AND the weapons from the vanilla Dwemer (dwarven) set with the versions based on the Morrowind ones. Contains also matching Spell Breaker replacer.

Initially, it was only intended to be a simple re-upload of Hel Borne's MW Style Dwemer Weapons (under original author's permission of course), but since I got myself into tweaking and messing with the details of these weapons, and since I wanted to also get a matching armor (vanilla version was way too shiny and rich-looking), I end up with a complete replacer for the entire Dwemer set from Oblivion.

The end result contains:
* Tweaked meshes from Hel Borne's MW Style Dwemer Weapons, with more detailed textures by Fearabbit (which were also tweaked by me);
* Ghogiel's Dwemer Armor with slightly darkened textures to match Hel Borne's weapons and shield;
* A texture replacer for the Spell Breaker, to match the rest of the set.

Hel Borne's weapons contain almost all types (dagger, shortsword, longsword, claymore, mace, war axe, battle axe, warhammer) and some additional ones (two types of spear and a halberd). The bow and the arrows were omitted, simply because there are no Dwemer bows and arrows in vanilla Morrowind - I tried to make the vanilla Oblivion versions match the rest of the weapons, but I'm still not fully happy with them. If anyone is willing to improve them, feel free to do so.

The following mod can be used both as a replacer and a modders' resource. See the readme for details.

2. Compatibility:

The modders' resource itself is fully compatible with just about anything. However, it's not so simple with the replacers:

* Weapon replacer will conflict with any mod that replaces the meshes or textures of the vanilla Dwemer weapons (including arrows).

* Armor replacer will conflict with any mod that changes the Dwemer armor through CS (i.e. stats, names, adding female version etc.). The mesh and texture replacers from other mods should remain compatible, but only with Dwemer armors added by mods (since my replacer changes all of the vanilla ones).

* Arrow icon replacer will conflict with any mod that changes the Dwemer arrows through CS (i.e. stats, names etc.).

3. Credits:

* Ghogiel - original meshes and textures of new Dwemer armor (discluding shield). New textures for Hel Borne's weapons are based on these ones.
* Infrequent_Hazard - female version for Ghogiel's Dwemer armor.
* Hel Borne - original meshes and textures of new Dwemer weapons and shield.
* Fearabbit - new textures for Hel Borne's weapons (based on Ghogiel's ones).
* InsanitySorrow - original hi-res texture of the Spell Breaker.
* Zu (me) - various tweaks, new icons, and merging everything together.

If there's someone who is omitted, please tell me.

4. Permissions and Contact:

As far as I can tell, resources of all listed authors are free to use as long as the proper credit is provided (this applies also to Hel Borne's MW Style Dwemer Weapons, according to her reply). Thus, you're free to do with this mod whatever you want, except making it commercial. But please credit all authors if you're going to use it anywhere.

E-mail: see here

You can also find my account ("ZuTheSkunk") on Bethesda Softworks forum and on TES Alliance forum - send me a Private Message there, if you wish.