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- 1.1 FotM
~ Includes body fix as default
~ Added Outfit to vendor and Game World
~ New FotM Outfit

- 1.0 ~ Released


Adds a Female Only type of Armor into Oblivion

The Armor was created from using Alvin Hew lovely art work

( http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs51/f/2009/275/d/b/Blood_Charm__Annika_by_garygill.jpg )

If you like the look of this armor, make sure to visit his Deviant Art page and check out all of his creations!


My mod include:

1 One Piece outfit
1 Medallion (enchanted)
1 Backpack (enchanted)

!! Note !!

This release includes a special developed low res texture, optimized for playing with Low & Medium texture size , if you play with Low & Medium texture sizes or feel the game runs slower with the highres textures -
use these lowres, these will look much better , then letting the game down size the texture by itself.

*Every Model is new and was made by myself, 100% of all Textures are hand painted with a Pen Tablet*


Very very Low
( I actually gain 3-4 frames per second if I equip this outfit, then just being "naked" with the HGEC body and I gain more if used with Low Res Textures)

Stats (Includes Outfit + Backpack + Medallion + Optimized HGEC Body)

Polys: 8155 (Minus ~ 1000 polys with no HGEC body)
Tris: 13367 (Minus 1994 Tris with no HGEC body)

1 2048x2048 (Highres) 512x512 (Lowres)- Outfit
1 1024x1024 (Highres) 512x512 (Lowres)- Backpack
1 512x512 (Highres) 256x256 (Lowres)- Medallion

HighRes ~ 10,6 mb

Lowres ~ 0,8 mb


Open the Console

type " coc testinghall "

you will find the outfit in a barrel in that room.

to get out, fast travel in an open area.

**File of the Month Edition:**

At the Vender inside the "The Copious CoinPurse" in Imperial City

Also found outside Imperial City near the Stables and the Large Bridge in a Barrel.


Make sure that your ArchiveInvalidation is set to Universal in the OBMM

or create a ArchiveInvalidation.txt that looks like this:

meshes/ \s
textures/ \s
sound/ \s

or use the ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa! - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=10724

Manual Install:



MODRoadRogue - LowResFiles.bsa


MODRoadRogue - HighResFiles.bsa

!!Choose only ONE .bsa archive!!

to Oblivion/Data Folder

Manual Uninstall:



MODRoadRogue - LowResFiles.bsa


MODRoadRogue - HighResFiles.bsa


BAB version by Speleologo


German Translation by DarkRuler 2500


theRoadstrokers Rogue Outfit - Powered by HEW for Fallout New Vegas with Animated Cloth by invalidfate


- None Known

Known Issues or Bugs
- None Known



Special Thanks To:

Alvin Hew - For his lovely art work and approving this release!

NIFTools Crew - For creating the useful NIFTools.

The Fans - For ...being there and downloading my crap.

TESNexus Crew - For ... also being there..so people can download my crap.

Special Note From the Author

Thank You for reading through this.

Hope you Enjoy this Mod.

- theRoadstroker