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Better Cities - Open Cities Now Supported!!!

V 2.0 provides Open Cities Support for Better Cities. Use only the version that comes with Better Cities not the open cities stand alone.

V1.2 fixes a water level issue in two cells in Leyawiin. Thanks to Damius for letting me know. Also improves the roots of the Cypress trees, as well as making the textures under the water in the flooded sections of Leyawiin look better. They were previously a cracked mud texture. It's now more organic looking.

Now, also compatible with Blood and Mud and Trade and Commerce. See readme for details

* All clock faces retextured to fit in a little better into the world. Most of the outdoor clocks look a little more weathered than the originals and more sculpted.
* All clock posts have received a pretty major overhaul on their normal maps with some tweaks to the color maps as well to give them a much more detailed appearance. Each cities seal is also embossed on the back of each clock. The sculpted appearence comes from the normal map so it actually interacts with the lighting.
* Both sets of clock hands have been retextured and have an inlaid design of leaves along them.
* The clock faces from the arcane university and arboritum have been replaced. Although, if you prefer the old ones, they are included in a backup folder.
* "gargoyle" shooter statues in the basement of the leyawin clock tower have been repositioned.
* A few of the clockposts were moved in order to prevent streaking of their surfaces due to tree shadows. Sorry if you don't like the new locations, but I think it's a good trade off.
* Arcane university glass floor above clock now appears more realistic and reflects some of the surroundings, i.e. trees and sky color.
* improved wood texture and color on grandfather clocks.
* Fixed a bug possibly due to me having an Nvidia card where the grease globs on the windows in one of the clock towers were not transparent.
* All cities outside of IC now have two clocks and Skingrad has three. Chorral and Leyawin still have only a clock tower.
* Adds a destryed clock to Kvatch.
* Scripted torch illumination for Clock Towers and building clocks. You have to see it!

****BONUS FEATURES!!!!!*******
* Added more realistic lighting in the interiors where the Grandfather clocks are located. Waynet Inn, Three Sisters Lodge, Tiber Septim Inn, and the Counts Arms.

*Added torch illumination underneath the dragon statues on the upper level of talos Plaza and to the statues next to the clock.

*Smoothed terrain in some areas where the terrain was very unnatural looking or uneven. Bravil for instance, and in font of the chapel in Skingrad.

*Made the stairs of the chapel in Bruma cavered in snow instead of covered in pavement. Also added a few snow highlights here and there. Very subtle.

*Also improves the roots of the Cypress trees in flooded areas of Leyawiin, as well as making the textures under the water in the flooded sections look better. They were previously a cracked mud texture. It's now more organic looking.

This is compatible with Better Cities FULL only.All cities and all IC districts. There may be issues with Leyawiin with the flooding removed. I have not checked yet, so please let me know.


Will also work with BC Blood and Mud, see instructions in the readme on THIS site. The readme in the download won't be updated until the next release.

Is compatible with Trade and Commerce but must use the availabe patch which is a seperate download.

Is compatible with Kvatch rebuilt. There is no new clock for Kvatch rebuilt, but if there are enough requests I can do it. If someone else wants to undertake the challenge, be my guest, just please let me know so I don't start working on it too.

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