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NOTE: I am not working on this anymore due to the fact that Skyrim is coming out and seems a much better way to make this work. Books for this mod are found in Bruma Mages Guild, Chorrol Mages Guild, and the Anvil House. A updated esp made by a fan is found here: http://www.file-upload.net/download-3667663/The-Initiative-hacked-fix.7z.html

Welcome to my first mod. I hope you all enjoy it. This is still in Beta form so if you download, please know that not everything may work perfectly. That said, it should be pretty stable, but there might be minor errors around. If something doesn't work, post in the thread. If you have good screen shots, post em. Thank you for downloading my mod and endorse it if you like!

V2 Changes
You can now store your minions by using the soul storage spell on your minions with an empty soul vessel in your inventory.

Resurrection: When you get to 210 points (just a bit past the spell making ability) you can resurrect anything. You need to use the call soul spell, kill the ghost, then cast reclaim soul on it. That will will give you an ethereal soul vessel. Then cast resurrect on anything with ethereal soul vessel in your inventory

There has been a fundamental change in how the mod works due to a bug with the cs and how it counts black soul gems. As a result, to capture human souls you must make your own soul skulls via the create black soul gem spell and then cast extract soul on a corpse. That's it no soul trapping required. The spell code is XX00E0DE where XX is the mods position in your load order.

2.0 Added storage of minions, fixed the fence, fixed ransoms, added resurrection as late game ability, added grave robbing (prototype) and a few other things.
1.13 - Attempted fix of the merchant (should work now...) and alternate drop mesh for pants and boots
1.10 - Made far more stable by removing all soul gems and making soul vessels available. Tier one Minions will now use the lesser soul vessels first, or soul vessel if a lesser variant isn't around. Also, a few other tweaks.
1.09 Fixed soul extraction, merchant, a few things, you can now hire NPC minions in the lair (conjurers, necromancers, and mages)
1.08 - I am sure I've knocked out the blood sanctuary message this time...
1.06 - New botany area, ability to bake bread, brew liquor and poison, blood gathering machine, water bottles, NPCs show up properly and other misc fixes.
1.03 - assuredly have fixed the message and place books in the mages guilds (look around)
1.02 - Fixed all soul issues. Still working on the npcs.
1.01 - Attempted fix of sanctuary message constantly appearing
1.0 - Initial Release

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion:

The Dark Arts Initiative

Version: 1.06
Date: 1/2/2011
Author: Vince Von Graff
E-mail: [email protected]

1. Description
2. Requirements
3. Installation/Uninstallation
4. Playing the mod
5. Save games
6. Conflicts/Known Errors
7. Credits
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Become a master conjurer or necromancer and use the dead for supplies to bind permanent minions.

This mod is a beta and needs testing still, the mod is pretty much done, but I need others to try it out too. This mod will allow you to make permanent minions and build your own lair.
However, to control the minions, it is best if you use this mod http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34576 (Minionz). This combination will allow you to create minions and control them with no more than a mouse click.

-Gain power to control flesh and souls
-Recover the bodies of the fallen to create minions
-Create weapons, armor, and items using parts from the fallen
-Initiative armor (Courtesy of the Ranger Armor mod and the Pirate armor mod)
-Initiative Saber and Dagger (Courtesy of the Khajiit Realswords mod)
-Create permanent minions including the zombies, ghosts, daedra.
-Upgrade advanced minions to more powerful forms
-Give orders to your minions
-Get your own lair
-Capture prisoners, interrogate, execute, or ransom them
-Gain more power as you learn the Dark Arts
-Buy mini sanctuaries under each city home and gain the ability to move between sanctuaries
-Teleport back to your main sanctuary when you are in danger,
-Recruit people to your sanctuary to become more powerful
-Change your armor color (in the extras folder, brown or green)
2. Requirements

- Requires TES IV: Oblivion, patched to at least version 1.2
- Shivering Isles
- Recommended Mods:
Minionz One Click Minion control http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34576
Active Inventory Mod, lets you change your prisoner's inventory http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=17497


Installation (standard):

- Using 7-Zip (http://www.7-zip.org), extract the contents of the 7z file (except for the [extras] directory) into your Oblivion\Data\ directory, maintaining directory structure.
- Click on 'Yes to all' if prompted.
- From the Oblivion Launcher, select Data Files and:
- Check the box next to The Initiative

- From the Oblivion Launcher, select Data Files and uncheck the boxes next to all esm and esp files you checked when installing the mod.
- If desired, delete all files copied to your Oblivion\Data directory during installation (check the The Dark Arts Initiative.7z file to identify these files).
- You can now load your save game and continue playing.


To get access to the powers, you need to find a book on either conjuring or necromancy.These can be found in boss level loot and are fairly easy to find. To gain access to new spells
you need to advance your power by scavenging parts from bodies or creating minions. Once you reach a certain level, you will be contacted by the Initiative, a mysterious organization,
which will offer you a lair. This lair can be upgraded over a period of time and is suitable for any character type, though is more geared towards the evil or vampire character.

Essentially you gain the ability to scavenge corpses for parts, assemble new minions and control them (this is a little iffy right now and I HIGHLY recommend the minionz mod to make it work)

To buy upgrades for the lair, find the merchant at the Tiber Septim Hotel.

To use the jail function, you must hire a jailor. You then get access to jailor spells and can capture anybody. Be careful when using it. You can then use the prisoner control spell to move the prisoner around, execute, give them prison garb, ransom (200 gold) and move to marker. You can also place a marker which you can then teleport prisoners to.

The list of spells is as follows:

Necro 1
Mantra: Excito, Phasmatis, et Servio Mihi
Materials: Three ectoplasm, three portions of human blood, and a lesser soul.

The basic ghost is one of the classic minions to be raised due to its simplicity. By mixing the blood with the ectoplasm and applying it to a soul gem filled with a lesser soul, the practioner can forced a soul to enter our plane as a ghost.

Mantra: Excito, Vetus Corporis, et Servio Mihi
Materials: Skull, ribcage, pelvis, two clavicles, two thick bones, two thin bones, a portion of human blood, and a lesser soul.

The skeleton is another favorite minion. To animate a skeleton, you simply need combine the bones, place the soul gem in the skull, and annoint it with the human blood while reciting the mantra.

Mantra: Excito, Corporis, et Servio Mihi
Materials: A full skeleton, three portions of human blood, five pieces of flesh, and a lesser soul.

Zombies are incredibly useful. They are hardy, simple to make, and loyal. To make one, you need to have a full corpse's pieces, arrange them and insert the soul gem into the torso, annoint it with blood and recite the mantra.

Necro 2
Flame Spectre
Mantra: Ex Flamma, Vernula quo Ignis, adeo mihi
Materials: Two fire salts, two ectoplasm, a portion of human blood, and a mortal soul.

The flame spectre is an upgraded variation of the ghost. It lacks a particular form, yet requires a mortal soul to keep its presence on our plane.

Frost Spectre
Mantra: Ex Glacialis Regnum, Vernula quo Gelu, adeo mihi
Materials: Two frost salts, two ectoplasm, a portion of human blood, and a mortal soul.

The frost spectre is one of the most dangerous creatures to be found in the north. Often seen as just a drift of snow, it can kill efficiently and quickly if required.

Storm Spectre
Mantra: Ex Ventus, Vernula quo Procellas, adeo mihi
Materials: Two void salts, two ectoplasm, a portion of human blood, and a mortal soul.

People suspect that the storm spectre is the product of souls leaving the body during a storm. The souls cannot leave the plane and are manifested as an electrical spirit.

Skeleton Swordsman
Mantra: Sustuli e Mors, Ferrum Proeliator, sum Meus Vernula
Materials: A complete skeleton, a portion of human blood, a human heart, a blood sword, and a mortal soul.

The skeleton swordsman is a competent and relatively simple minion to make. It requires a blood sword however. This is built using bonecrafting. A group of these fearless minions can be used to hold the line against melee attackers, something very useful for mages.

Skeleton Archer
Mantra: Sustuli e Mors, Ballista Proeliator, sum Meus Vernula
Materials: A full skeleton, a portion of human blood, a human heart, a bone bow, and a mortal soul.

Skeleton archers require a bonebow which is created by bonecrafting. This minion is useful for serving as a guard on the battlements or ambushing enemies.

Dread Zombie
Mantra: Recri Formidonis Corporis Somes, quod ostendo vestri atrox vires
Materials: A full skeleton, three portions of blood, a human heart, five portions of flesh, two void salts, and a mortal soul.

The Dread Zombie is an elite zombie. It requires a human soul to reanimate, but this gives it increased intelligence and the void salts assist in giving the zombie more protection against enemies.

Burning Zombie
Mantra: Recri Corporis Somes, quod ustulo cum vestri potestas
Materials: A full skeleton, three portions of human blood, a human heart, five pieces of flesh, two fire salts, and a mortal soul.

Burning zomies are the only zombies that are not hurt by fire, instead they live in it. Burning zombies emit an oily layer on their skin which is naturally ignited by the magic reserves in the corpse. This makes it burn and harder to engage.

Undead Hound
Mantra: Excito et servio mihi, mortuus canis
Materials: A full skeleton, five portions of flesh, a human heart, and a mortal soul.

A dog is man's best friend, and an undead dog fills the same purpose. It is fast to attack and easy to form. These loyal watch dogs are strong and make useful melee attacker due to their speed. They have a taste for blood making them aggressive, but dangerous to the novice.

Undead Evolution: Used to upgrade Zombies into war ghouls
Zombie to War Ghoul
Mantra: Usus vitualamen, quod fieri maioribus
Materials: 10 Mort Flesh, 5 Blood Stones

The war ghoul is a large improvement over the standard zombie in terms of durability and power. The standard war ghoul is fairly easy to create and given the weakness of the standard zombies, this should be a standard upgrade.

Burning Zombie to Burning War Ghoul
Mantra: Usus vitualamen , quod permissum flamma fieri maioribus
Materials: 10 Mort Flesh, 7 Blood Stones, 5 Fire Salts

The burning war ghoul has a significant amount of power due to its being infused with fire. It scares enemies witless.

Dread Zombie to Dread War Ghoul
Mantra: Usus vitualamen , quod permissum vestri vires fieri maioribus
Materials: 10 Mort Flesh, 5 Blood Stones, 3 Void Salts

The dread zombie is strong to start with, but this upgrade makes it a great front line soldier.

Spectral Evolution (Upgrades ghosts, spectres, and undead hounds)
Ghost to Wraith
Mantra: Usus vitualamen, phasmatis, quod invalesco
Materials: 5 Blood Stones, 10 Ectoplams, 2 Portions of Human Blood, 3 Frost Salts, and a Human Heart

An evolution of the ghost, the wraith is very useful due to the fact that that it is resistent to most attacks and yet is more powerful than the average ghost.

Flame Spectre to Omega Flame Spectre
Mantra: Usus vitualamen, vernula, quod permissum vestri flamma exussum luminosus
Materials: 5 Blood Stones, 2 Portions of Human Blood, 5 Fire Salts, 10 Ectoplasm, 2 Void Essences, and a Human Heart

The ultimate evolution of the flame spectre, the Omega variant makes use of a recognizable corporeal form which retains its faculties. As a result, the Omega is far more lethal.

Frost Spectre to Omega Frost Spectre
Mantra: Usus vitualamen, vernula, quod permissum vos fieri maiori gelu
Materials: 5 Blood Stones, 2 Portions of Human Blood, 5 Frost Salts, 10 Ectoplasm, 2 Void Essences, and a human heart.

The Omega Frost Spectre is an upgraded Frost Spectre and is far more deadly. Upgrading your minion to one will give you far more power at your finger tips.

Storm Spectre to Storm Wraith
Mantra: Usus vitualamen, vernula, quod permissum vestri ventus contumelia maiori
Materials: 5 Blood Stones, 2 Portions of Human Blood, 5 Void Salts, 10 Ectoplasm, 2 Void Essences, and a human heart.

The Omega Storm Spectre is the embodiment of storm power infused with spectral form. These minions are capable of raising quite a bit of havoc.

Undead Hound to Spectral Hound
Mantra: Usus vitualamen , mortuus canis, quod fieri a phasmatis
Materials: 3 Blood Stones, 2 Portions of Human Blood, 5 Ectoplasm, 2 Void Essences.

By applying this ritual to your undead hound, you can dispose of its physical form and gain instead the more powerful raw spectral form. Also, it has the benefit of having its looks from before it was stitched back together.

Daedra 1
Mantra: Excito, Scamnum, et Servio Mihi
Materials: Five pieces of flesh, three portions of human blood, and a lesser soul.

The scamp is a classic daedric minion, long associated with causing mayhem. By offering a sacrifices to the Daedric Lords, you can create your own bundles of localized evil.

Mantra: Excito, Gradior, et Servio Mihi
Materials: A full skeleton, a portion of human blood, and a lesser soul.

The clannfear is a terrifying enemy. Their speed and tenacity places them along the same lines of a dog, though these guard dogs can swipe with their razor sharp claws.

Mantra: Excito Parum Repo et Servio Mihi
Materials: A full skeleton, three portions of human blood, and five pieces of flesh.

Spider daedra are notoriously difficult to summon due to their fickle personalities, therefore a large sacrifice is required to keep them happy. However, their diminuitive nature gives them the ability to be stealthy in their attacks.

Daedra 2
Flame Atronach
Mantra: Ex Flamma, Coma Vir, adeo mihi
Materials: Two fire salts, two ectoplasm, a portion of blood, and a mortal soul.

The raw manifestation of the element of fire, the flame atronach is a deadly foe. What it lacks in subtlety, it makes up for in firepower, much like that pun.

Frost Atronach
Mantra: Ex Glacialis Regnum, Coma Vir, adeo mihi
Materials: Two frost salts, two ectoplasm, a portion of blood, and a mortal soul.

The frost atronach is believed to have originated in snowy regions where corpses were buried. This may not be too far from the truth as the atronachs are reputedly lethal, though there is speculation that they should shatter on impact.

Storm Atronach
Mantra: Ex Ventus, Coma Vir, adeo mihi
Materials: Two void salts, two ectoplasm, a portion of blood, and a mortal soul.

The storm atronach is the embodiment of shock magic implemented in rock form. The rocks of this atronach whirl around with a mind of their own. Be careful when casting indoors...

Dremora Soldier
Mantra: Excito, Proeliator, et Servio Mihi
Materials: A complete skeleton, a portion of blood, a human heart, a blood sword, and a mortal soul.

Dremora are intelligent minions and fight as a cohesive unit. This melee variation requires a blood sword, and is quite competent on the field of battle, with a natural armored skin.

Dremora Archer
Mantra: Excito, Ballista Proeliator, et Servio Mihi
Materials: A complete skelton, a portion of blood, a human heart, bone bow, and a mortal soul.

Dremora archers are bred, not selected. Their eye sight is specially focused to allow for distant shots. Their natural armor plating is less than that of the Dremora soldier, but can lock into place to allow for more effective shooting.

Dremora Mage
Mantra: Excito, Magus, et Servio Mihi
Materials: A complete skeleton, three portions of human blood, a human heart, five portions of flesh, and two void salts, and a mortal soul.

The Dremora mage is an example of the power of the Daedric arts. The mage is completely subservient to its master and brings both offensive and support power to Dremora divisions.

Mantra: Excito, Esuritio, et Servio Mihi
Materials: A complete skeleton, three portions of human blood, a human heart, five pieces of flesh, and a mortal soul.

The hunger is a terrifying creature which is vaguely similar to a large lizard. They desire flesh and are relentless in the pursuit of their enemies.

Mantra: Excito, Arachnus, et Servio Mihi
Materials: A complete skeleton, a human heart, five pieces of flesh, and a mortal soul.

The full sized spider daedra is a crafty enemy. With the torso of a woman, many men have been temporarily mesmerized before having their throats ripped by these eight-legged succubi.

Daedric Evolution
Dremora Veteran
Mantra: Usus vitualamen, quod proliator maioribus
Materials: 10 Mort Flesh, 5 Blood Stones, A Blood Battle Axe

By using this ritual on your Daedra soldier and giving him a battle axe you have a highly potent front line soldier at your disposal.

Dremora Marksman
Mantra: Usus vitualamen, quod balistus maioribus
Materials: 10 Mort Flesh, 5 Blood Stones

This is a relatively simple ritual that essentially works by fortifying the archer's visual abilities and allowing him to make far better shots and overall makes for a far more powerful archer.

Dremora Mage
Mantra: Usus vitualamen, quod magnus maioribus
Materials: 10 Mort Flesh, 5 Blood Stones, 5 Void Salts

This is a ritual that makes the mage far more potent. It gives the mage the ability to channel the power of oblivion and makes him far stronger.


Daedric Ritual
An essential part of any conjurer's repetoire, you essentially dissect a corpse using Daedric knowledge to remove the parts intact. This is very different from regular corpse preparation and give experience in the conjuring arts.

Corpse Preparation
Originally an under taker's art, corpse preparation is essential for acquiring material for experimentation. This approach is dependent on academic knowledge of how to dissect a body and gives experience to the necromantic arts.

Call Soul
A simple spell, you can call weak souls from beyond the void in order to trap their souls in order to raise simple minions.

Create Black Soul Gem
Waiting for astrological events is for the weak of mind and heart. With this ancient ritual, you can create a black soul gem from four portions of ectoplasm, a skull, a common soul gem and a blood stone.

Create Common Soul Gem
A useful spell for the enchanter or mage on the go, you can fashion a rough common soul gem from a blood stone infused with five portions of ectoplasm.

Create Lesser Soulgem
Souls are incredibly important for the Dark Arts. This spell allows you to bind three ectoplasm into a lesser soulgem. This is of particular use for elementary minions.

Ectoplasmic Absorption
Ectoplasm is directly formed from essences of souls that have passed on. Your knowledge of soul transference allows you to regain a portion of magicka by channelling the ectoplasm.

Ectoplasmic Expulsion
By using magic to isolate a minor portion of your soul for the most brief of moments, you can actually manifest part of your human essence as ectoplasm. This is completely safe, though requires a measure of magic to be successful

Ectoplasmic Transformation
By channeling your inner mana, you can actually bind ectoplasm into several different ingredients such as fire salts, frost salts, void salts, and void essence. This spell was originally developed to help mages get ingredients for minions more easily.

Eyes of the Cat
Your knowledge of the flesh and magicka has given you the ability to see in the dark. You can transform your eyes back to normal by casting this spell again

Fleshcraft is the peak of the anotomical arts. Originally derived as a way to deal with people with disabilities, you have managed to focus your attributes into specific areas at the cost of other areas.

Gills of the Fish
By using this spell, you can morph part of your neck to function as gills. In order to transform your neck back, just cast the spell again

Minor Bonecraft
Often times, it can be hard to get the proper bones you need. This ritual will allow you to channel magic to form bonemeal into actual bones or grind bones into bonemeal. You can also generate bonemeal at a cost of life force.

This is how you make blood stones, they are found under bones and are a mix of two bonemeal and a portion of blood.

Minor Fleshcraft
Fleshcraft is one of the most useful of the anotomical studies. You can morph fleshy items into other items with the use of magic. You can also pull flesh from your own body if you are desparate.

Patch Wounds
Your skill with flesh is unique in that you have infused flesh with raw essence of magic. This ancient spell allows one to use mort flesh to patch wounds. This is an advanced skill but particularly useful because mages can heal themselves with the flesh of their subjects.

Your dissertations on brain anatomy and souls have allowed you the unique ability to focus parts of your consciousness and improve certain mental faculties at the cost of others. Mages will often use this to focus for days at a time when they are working

Soul Sight
Exposure to the dead and the undead, people become more aware of their surroundings when souls are present. This can be used as a defense mechanism and used to see where potential enemies may lurk.

Soul Trap
An elementary, but useful spell. This basic soul trap is of use for capturing souls during experiments.

Soul Void
A truly useful spell, this is an advanced spell that allows a mage to cast a nigh unlimited soul trap to allow plenty of time to dispatch your enemies and take their souls.

Spell Craft
The pinnacle of the Dark Arts, spell crafting is actually the magic behind the Mage's Guild spell making and enchanting altars. This magic is prevalent in Morrowind where enchanters and spell makers offer their services for a nominal fee. However, it is an art and you still require gold as a tithe to the spirits to create the spell.


- Activating this mod should not have any negative effects on your existing save game/s.


This is a beta release, so there are probably errors.


BenRGamer for the original Dark Arts Mod
Archadeas for helping test, bug fix, and generally a slew of interesting ideas
Trollf for the book resources in the library and the study
Xiamara for the great couch and chair resources
Hel Borne and Ranokoa for the alchemic sink
Wintermuteai1 for the coffin resources
Reznod for the mannequin resources
Dimitri Mazieres for the ranger armor
Pale Rider for the piratey items
Surfing Ape for inspiration for the jail section
waalx, 3dsmithstorian for the saber and dagger
Stroti for just about anything in the lab
Bethesda for the game and the CS

If I forgot you, please let me know! Credit should be given where it is due!


Most of the sources in this mod were graciously supplied by others. If you want to use a specific item or mesh, check the credits. Other than that, go ahead and please tell me if you use em so I can check out your mod!

My e-mail address is [email protected]


By downloading and using this modification, you agree that the author of the modification cannot be held responsible for any damage to software or hardware directly or indirectly caused by the aforementioned modification. Use at your own risk, basically.


Version 1.0 (01-02-2011)
- Initial public release.