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Enhanced Vegetation - Darker trunks version
High-Res and Normal-Res versions v1.2

By Xtudo


LprMan did a really wonderful work with his Enhanced Vegetation mod.

But it has one litte "problem", in the Oblivion game the near fully loaded trees have canopy shadow, so the tree's trunks are darkened by this shadow.

In the original mod, the tree's trunk LOD textures are brighter, like if they haven't the canopy shadow effect applied to them, and it is very noticeable, especially at the Orange Road.

So I did this "patch" for me to fix that, and now I'm sharing it.

All credits go to LprMan, of course.

Ver 1.2
- Fixed the little black border of the texture's mip-maps. Thanks to MordecaiWalfish for the feedback.

- More sharpen mip-maps. The trees look even better now. :D

Ver 1.1
- Release.

Future Plans

If someone wants I'll do a "Low-res" version.

1. It requires Enhanced Vegetation previusly installed. Get it here:


2. It is simples. Extract downloaded files, and copy them to your Oblivion folder.

Known Issues or Bugs

- None :D

I am as Xtudo at TESNexus.

Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop CS3

- Especially thanks to LprMannd and to MordecaiWalfish.
- Bethesda

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