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Added: 23/04/2006 - 01:41PM
Updated: 18/07/2009 - 03:49PM

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Last updated at 15:49, 18 Jul 2009 Uploaded at 13:41, 23 Apr 2006

Revision History
Release version

- Changed the script for picking up the torches to fix a crash that some people experienced.
- Reduced the life of torches dropped on the floor, they still last a fair while but now there is a small chance they will run out in a long fight rather than lasting through an epic battle as before.
- Added a second version that removes most of the messages. Made this a seperate version because it will remove all messages informing a player that something has been added to the inventory or has been equipped by a script.

- Almost a total rewrite
- Dropped torches now work as a proper light source everywhere.
- Now able to pick torches up with weapons out.

- Added icons to dummy torches to resolve pink squares
- Fixed dummy torch not being removed from inventory
- Fixed dropped torches re-appearing when returning to an area.
- Fixed torches falling through the floor
- Added brighter versions of standard and no message version.

- Torch is now only dropped if left hand is needed for combat ie if shield bow or 2 handed weapon are equipped. Single handed weapon and torch can be used together.
- Dropping a torch in an NPC owned building no longer transfers ownership of the torch to the NPC.
- Fixed a bug that caused unlit torches on the floor to disappear when lit torches were dropped.
- Cleaned up .esp and removed all un-necessary entries.

- Rewrote drop torch script, it is now much smaller and tighter.
- Re-fixed torches dropping through floors (that fix somehow got left out of 1.4)
- Fixed not being able to pick up lit torches when shield equipped.
- Fixed the bug that caused you to drop a torch every time you equipped your shield even when one wasn't equipped

- Added Hotkey Torch
To use simply add the hotkey torch to one of your quickslots. You can now use this quickslot to equip/unequip torches and you will not lose the hotkey when you drop your torches or even when you run out of torches. On rare occasions you will have to press the hotkey twice to make it work. The hotkey torch is a quest item and cannot be dropped.

- Auto drop torch when drawing weapons
- Torches act as light sources
- Torches have full physics
- Auto equip on pick up if weapons sheathed or if only single handed weapon and no shield is out.
- Can be picked up (and put away) with weapons out.
- Torches last 5 minutes on floor before going out
- Torches can be hotkeyed and hotkey remains after torches run out

If you draw your weapon while a torch is equipped the torch is immediately thrown to the floor still burning (and acts as a proper light source).

If You pick up a burning torch with your weapon drawn the torch is extinguished and returned to your inventory. If your weapon is sheathed picking up the lit torch will immediately equip it. It can then be put away as normal if you desire.

Extra info
The burning torch is a new item and is switched in when the player has a torch equipped AND has weapon out. Once the burning torch is picked up it is immediately switched out for a normal torch so will not affect npc's torches and no burning torches will be found lying around (unless dropped by the player).

Burning torches last 5 minutes while on the floor so in a long fight the bastage may go out :)

Known issues
None at this time.

To do
Barring any bugs this mod is finished. I may add flame damage while torch is on the ground in the future.

Unzip to your Oblivion Data directory and select one of the following esm's via the Oblivion launcher.

DLTIC-1-6.esp (standard version)

bDLTIC-1-6.esp (Brighter standard version)

nmDLTIC-1-6.esp (No messages version)

bnmDLTIC-1-6.esp (Brighter no messages version.


I have also included the torch sound patch from Daeger. This gets rid of the equip/unequip sounds when you drop a torch. Unrar the torchsoundpatch.rar into your oblivion data folder.

Please feel free to include this in any other mod or collection of mods or modify it to your hearts content. If you do use it in a release please give me credit.