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Added: 23/04/2006 - 01:39PM
Updated: 15/08/2012 - 04:59AM

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Last updated at 4:59, 15 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 13:39, 23 Apr 2006

This mod will allow you to update the appearance of your statue at Bruma. I created this because a lot of people (myself included) had there statue turn out like garbage because you didn't even know that you a) had a statue. b) didn't know beforehand when your statue was created so you could dress it properly.

To update your statue go to the east Bruma gate where you statue is and activate the statue's base, you'll see the following options:
Update My Statue - Updates your statue's appearance or replace the statue if it disappeared or the game killed it.
Use Storage - Opens a perfectly safe container to store your equipment. You'll only see the best equipment in your inventory equipped onto the statue so use this container so you don't have to toss your gear on the ground.
Options - When you click on options you'll get another menu where you can turn the statue's stone texture on/off, turn the new stone texture on/off, increased/decrease the statue's size and change where the statue is facing.
Done - Exits the menu.

-Extract "Update My Statue.zip" into your "Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data" folder.
-Start the Oblivion Launcher.
-Click "Data Files".
-Find and tick "Update My Statue.esp"
-Click "OK" and you're ready to play!

Simply replace the existing version with the new version and make sure you have removed ALL items from the statue's storage or they might all disappear.

-You can install and run this mod before or after you get your statue, it's perfectly compatible.
-May take a few seconds for the statue's texture to turn off.

[Version History]
-Improved statue update method.
-The statue's texture, angle and scale are now remembered when you update the statue.
-You can no longer use the statue while in combat to escape from guards/monsters ect.
-Made the statue immune to more things (just incase!).
-Vampirism will now get removed from the statue because of a game bug that causes a vampire's face to reset to the default (quite ugly if your female and the statue ends up with a male face).
-Fixed where re-entering Bruma caused the statue to reset back to the default facing angle.
-Removed debug messages (whoops!).
-Added "Options" menu with some nice statue tweaking things to do.
-Added new statue texture.
-After you have finished with the statue's storage you'll be brought back to the main menu instead of being dumped out.
-Changed statue updating method again.
-Integrated Statue Fixer.esp into the main plugin to fix a freezing issue and because I solved a problem that made me create a separate plugin in the first place.
-Removed Statue Fixer.esp.
-Improved script.
-Added a fix for some very rare cases where the statue will up and died for no apparent reason (games fault not mine!) and a big thanks to Razerz for sending me his game save allowing me to find this problem!
-Made it a bit more prettier.
-Added another esp to fix/replace your statue if it got lost somehow.
-Ditched the mod and started it from scratch due to some annoying bugs.
-The script is now heaps better and simpler so there shouldn't be ANY bugs again *crosses fingers* hopefully...
-Fixed torch not being removed sometimes.
-Added code to fix statue base. (Sometimes the statue wasn't created by the original game thus the statue base got moved and screwing up ever having a statue.)
-Initial release.