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Note: This mod is no longer being actively expanded.
The only thing I will do now is occasional bug fixes (if necessary).
If you're interested in expanding it yourself, feel free to do so.
It would be appreciated if you could inform me about it, though
(just send a PM, no need to wait for a reply).

The newer version of the mod:

Unofficial Patch:


This mod in its current state (version 0.113a) is mostly a bunch of little fixes and add-ons for Shivering Isles, rather than a complete overhaul. But even in this state you will notice that the Isles have changed a bit, and these changes may prove themselves quite surprising in some cases. Be ready to come across things you never encountered before!


Most notable changes (be ready to find much more than these):

* Amber and Madness sets were expanded and fixed; mostly for weaponry, which is now complete and doesn't lack any weapon type found in the sets from the vanilla Oblivion.

* As above, the weaponry of Golden Saints and Dark Seducers was expanded too.

* You can now turn Vitharn Keep into your personal estate, and get your own smith in there to forge weapons and armor from Obelisk Shards, found on e.g. bodies of the Knights of Order.

* All clothing and armors that were present in vanilla SI but were unavailable (either from the beginning or as a result of your choices) can be now obtained as you make your progress through SI's main questline. You can find them in Sheogorath's Palace, among other trophies from your journey.

* All bosses from SI's main questline were made stronger (including the first Gatekeeper, so you might need to reach higher levels before being able to even enter the Isles). They are now more challenging than before.

* Zealots and Heretics will be summoning bound gear now, making them more difficult in combat. Keep some Silence spells ready!

* Aureals and Mazkens have a much better appearance now (no more ugly faces) and their disposition towards you will be updating properly as you make your progress through SI's main questline.

* After completing the main quest, you will be able to summon portals to take you from and into Shivering Isles (based on Wrye Shivering).

* All areas that were inaccessible during the main quest will become available and free to explore once you complete it. This includes also Pinnacle Rock and Brellach (the strongholds of Aureal and Mazken).


* Shivering Isles expansion pack;

* Oblivion Patch 1.2.0416;

* A strong computer would be suggested, not only for this mod...


Nothing simpler. Just put the main BSA and ESP files into your Oblivion/Data folder and mark the ESP in the Data Files in the Oblivion Launcher (or on the Mods list, if you're using Wrye Bash). The ZIP file is arranged as a BAIN archive, so folks knowledgeable in using Wrye Bash can use it.

Optional files include:

* Bonus ESP that adds more rats in Crucible (can be performance-heavy);

* Meshes for Exnem's Female Body;

* Textures to revert the changed look of Sheogorath's Regalia;

* Compatibility patch for Martigen's Monster Mod for SI;

* Compatibility patch for Map Marker Overhaul;

* Compatibility patch for SM Plugin Refurbish.

Note: All of the compatibility patches were created back in 2011 and weren't updated since, so they may not take into account any newer versions of their corresponding mods.


This is a bit less simple. First and foremost, DO NOT REMOVE THE MOD'S FILES YET. My mod messes a bit with some objects from vanilla SI, so before you can remove the files, you must do something in-game in order to prevent odd errors from occurring.

1. Load your save.

2. If you're standing in Xedilian, Brellach, Pinnacle Rock or Vitharn, go somewhere else. If you wish to be certain about standing someplace safe, it's best to go to Cyrodiil.

3. Once you're away from those places, type in the console "setstage ZUSEUninstall 1". Wait for a few seconds and do what the pop-up message tells you to do.

4. Once you've done it, save the game.

5. Now you can safely remove the mod's files. If you're using meshes for Exnem's female body, then don't forget about removing the "AmberMadness" folder in "Data/Meshes/ZU" as well.

Recommended To Use With:

This is the list of mods that are recommended (but not required) to use with this mod.

* Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch (most recommended, since my mod already uses some fixes from this patch);

* wz_inventory (since some of the items have long names, and this mod allows to display even quite long names in your inventory);


Various - smaller or bigger - incompatibilities may occur if you're using mods such as:

* Wrye Shivering (since my mod already contains all of its changes);

* Any mod that does anything with races of Aureal, Mazken and/or Sheogorath (this includes making them playable);

* Any mod that updates unique leveled items from SI (since this mod already does it for ALL of them);

* Any mod that alters the appearance of most of SI armors and some of the clothing (since every time my mod alters their appearance in any way, it completely changes the file's source, overwriting any possible replacers);

* Any mod that alters the appearance of Mazken/Aureal/Amber/Madness weapons (as above);

* Weapon Expansion Pack for Oblivion Nthusiasts (I didn't receive a permission to replace my meshes with these, and making an entire compatibility patch is pointless, since my mod already includes much of the features from this mod);

* Any mod that changes any containers from SI (since all of them are changed);

* Any mod that changes Sheogorath, Haskill, Herdir, Cutter, Dumag gro-Bonk, Syl, Thadon or various other NPCs;

* Any mod that changes any of vanilla Aureals and/or Mazkens (since all of them are changed);

* Most of body replacers (unless proper optional version is included);

* Any mod that changes Hungers, Scalons, Grummites and/or Gnarls;

* (SPOILER) Mods that change Jyggalag (don't be surprised if you will find Elite Knights of Order being impossible to kill).

* And there's probably more, but I can't remember them at this point.

Known Issues:

* If you already finished SI's main quest before loading this mod, then the disposition of the inhabitants of the Isles (except Aureals and Mazkens) won't be updated to make them love you (unless your Fame and/or Personality is high enough, obviously).

* At the start of the quest "Symbols of Office", when Sheogorath is standing near the throne with his staff, it is possible to break his animation by re-entering the location or loading a save there (as a result, he will be standing with his staff behind him).

* The "Strange Door" island has been changed by adding some objects and items appropriate for a guard's outpost; when arriving there, some of the clutter may appear misplaced, lying on the ground.

* The Fanatic archers from the quest The Ghosts of Vitharn can suddenly un-equip their bows and start fighting with their fists.

(Other things from this list MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!)

* After beating the SI's main quest, it is possible that the bodies outside Sheogorath's Palace will not disappear. Sometimes they do, sometimes not. The only certain way to get rid of them is to wait 3 days for the location to reset.

* Servant's Suit (a.k.a. Haskill's Suit) has some minor clipping issues between the red and black parts of the sleeves, if looked at in First Person Perspective. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to fix this.

* Female version of the Regalia of Dementia can behave a bit oddly at the waist and the butt; the middle of the skirt was getting terribly bent in vanilla, and it still does a bit, but I did my best to fix it.

* Before summoning for the first time, the Madgod's Portals can be found being partially sunken into the ground after using them. The spell for summoning the portal must be cast at least once (i.e. once in Shivering Isles and once in Tamriel) in order to fix it.

* You cannot fast travel from the exterior of the reclaimed Vitharn. Everything indicates that the worldspace with such settings should allow fast traveling, and yet it doesn't - no one knows why. You can bypass this issue by fast traveling from the interior, though.

FAQ - Froblems, Answers and Questions

* I'm finding some Obelisk Shards on the bodies of Knights of Order. Do they have any purpose, other than just being another item to sell?

Yes, you can turn them into Obelisk equipment once you have turned Vitharn into your home and bought your personal smith.

* I've already finished SI's main quest, does it mean I'm now unable to get the Obelisk equipment?

After the main quest is completed, Obelisk Shards will start to spawn in the containers within dungeons (but only on the Isles, of course).

* I've found Syndelius' Boltcaster in the chest in Xedilian. Its enchantment has a "knockback" effect, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

No, it really does. Most targets will be pushed away from you, unless they're highly resistant to shock/magic and/or possess high Endurance, in which case they'll be briefly staggered.

* I found some wooden sticks during the Xedilian's quest. Why are they two-handed blunts, instead of staves?

Due to game's limitations about staves. Without any enchantment, staves are useless. If enchanted by the player, they won't cast ranged spells like pre-made staves do, but instead, they'll cast them on touch.

* Earil from Earil's Mysteries offers some crystals that allow me to summon permanent Atronachs; why do they have such an EXTREME price? It doesn't seem justified for a Permanent Flame/Frost Atronach...

It may seem like this, but they're different than the vanilla varieties found in dungeons and similar places. They possess all spells related to their element (including Master spells), their punches deal nice damage, they're almost unstoppable (due to high Health and being marked as essentials), and for most of the time, all sorts of enemies concentrate on them rather than you, allowing you to stand aside and watch calmly as they eliminate your foes. Get both Frost and Flame Atronachs, and the game will turn out rather easy.

Quest-related (CONTAINS SPOILERS!):

* How can I turn Vitharn into my home?

First, you must finish the original quest within those walls. Once you've done it, go to any district of New Sheoth and wait for a few seconds. You should receive a new quest and a message from Kithlan, the steward from the House of Dementia. He is the one who offers it.

* Hungers don't attack me. Is it a bug?

If you've already finished SI's main quest, then no. You're Sheogorath in this case, and it is said that Hungers are "Sheogorath's favorite pets".

* Fight with Jyggalag is INCREDIBLY HARD!!! How can I beat him?!

Remember about these things:

- When finishing the previous quest and touching the Font of Madness, you receive a message that allows you to delay completing this quest and go, for example, buy many healing potions.

- Note that the strengthened Jyggalag was intended for characters at level 30 and above. If you didn't reach that level yet, then you should consider leaving this fight for later.

- Jyggalag is NOT leveled anymore, so you always receive the same version. The strongest version.

- Don't bother fighting with Elite Knights of Order! Even if you defeat one of them, he will get up a few moments later anyway.

- If you have tons of gold, you should consider going to Earil's Mysteries and buying the Elixir of True Might and the Crystals of Frost and Flame. With them, you'll have increased power and additional allies, who can at least distract Knights/Jyggalag during the battle. Ushnar's Old Dog, a reward from the quest "Ushnar's Terror", can be helpful here as well.

- You can always simply lower the difficulty level. It greatly affects how much damage you receive and do.

- And in the worst case, if you're unable to defeat him regardless of your efforts, you can always open the console (~), click Jyggalag, and use the "kill" command.

* Can I summon Madgod's Portal everywhere?

No. There are two cases when you cannot: if a quest would break after doing so, or if you're currently within the wastes of Oblivion (since you need to leave them by the gate you used in order to not break its scripts). Note that it includes ONLY situations from vanilla Oblivion with SI, so it doesn't include mods, both official and unofficial. When playing those mods, just try to avoid using the portal in situations when you shouldn't be able to teleport, ok?

* I received an additional copy of Jyggalag's Sword after loading the mod. Why?

It's because I've changed the way of how you receive it. From now on, the sword will no longer appear on the pedestal in Sheogorath's Palace after the battle, but instead, you will receive it right after Jyggalag's final speech (I've been unable to make Jyggalag just dropping the sword), and pedestal version will always remain disabled. Because of that, adding the sword is intended to avoid the situation when you already finished the SI's main quest, but haven't taken the sword yet and ended up without any. But don't worry, you won't end up with TWO copies either (at least not for long).

Note that the USIP's pedestal version may still be shown if you finished the main quest with USIP loaded, but didn't take the sword before loading my mod.

* I received a "Blade of Fanaticism" after loading the mod. Why?

This weapon is retrieved from the Devoted Fanatic during the quest "Ghosts of Vitharn". If you already finished this quest before loading my mod, or somehow missed the sword after the battle, then this is the way to receive the sword anyway.


* How did you manage to fix e.g. Syl's dress to not show unnecessary parts in First Person?

First of all, I needed to change the mesh itself. In order to show only arms in FPP, I needed to divide torso and arms into two separate pieces (even if they look seamless in-game). After doing so, the only thing I needed to do was to use NifScope and change the name of arms to "Arms" and torso's name to "UpperBody". And keep using names "UpperBody", "LowerBody", "Hand" and "Foot" for all other parts. Names are important in this case, since they define which parts are shown in FPP and which are not (if a body part uses a name different than the ones I listed, then it will be shown in-game by default anyway).

* Why is the ESP file called "ZUAmberMadness"? / Why are the main folders with the mod's files called "AmberMadness"?

It's just a relic of the creation progress. Originally, the mod was intended to only expand and fix the sets of amber and madness, but I ended up expanding it a "little" more than that. By the time it was this big, I preferred not to change this name, since it would mess up the connection with the BSA file.

Resources Used:

* Addonay's Classical Weaponry (by Addonay)
* Addonay's Elven Weaponry (by Addonay)
* Alternate Blood Texture for A Bloody Mess (by dDefinder)
* Amber_Armor_Amber_sword_Dark_Seducer_sword_fix_11 (by Hypnoticbeast)
* Amber Bow Replacer (by John Yerkes a.k.a. McMuffin)
* Amber Helm Replacer (by John Yerkes a.k.a. McMuffin)
* Armamentarium - Staffs (by Trollf)
* Assassins Creed - Altair's Gear (by Nexon)
* Aureal and Mazken Exnem Textures (by Oreyn Andarys)
* Bathing Mod (by Joseph Lollback a.k.a. Antistar)
* Bearded People (by tnilc & madmole)
* Cane of Sheogorath (by Septra)
* CM Better Wine - Shivering Isles (by Mark Quinn)
* Candle Skull (by Darkninja462)
* Classic Sword Replacers (by Von Django)
* Dall's Jyggalag (by Dall)
* Dark Seducer Weaponry Expanded (by SamLake)
* Dark Brotherhood Assassin (by Decrepit Hawk)
* Daedric Lord Armor (by John Yerkes a.k.a. McMuffin)
* Female Sheogorath's Regalia (by Spike4072)
* Gallant Armor (by kiki)
* Ghogiel's Armor Resource (by Ghogiel)
* Golden Saint Set (by Phitt & Gloomfrost)
* Golden Saint Weaponry Expanded (by SamLake)
* Grimbot's DLC Book Jackets (by Grimbot)
* Hel Borne's Argonian And Orc Zombies (by Hel Borne)
* Leviathan Soul Gems (by Star Boi)
* LF Glass Armor/Weapon Recolor Pack (by LFact)
* Longer Arrows for SI (by Nicoroshi)
* Mages Gloves Integrated (by DaMage)
* Meos Open Books (by Meo)
* Sharp Amber Longsword (by popcorn71)
* Slof's Sheogorath Outfit Separate (by Kikaimegami & AlienSlof)
* Stock Clothing and Armor Replacer for Exnem's Female Body (by Grhys)
* Syl Male Armor (by TaylorSD, _HA! and AlienSlof)
* Vibrant Saint and Seducer Faces and Feet (by Midnight Voyager)
* Wrye Shivering (by Wrye)

Version history:

0.113a – last minute quick fixes:

* I forgot to include the textures of the new Thorn armor. Whoops.

* For some reason, in the female model of Sheogorath's regalia, the feet were mangled. It's fixed now.

0.113 – various minor improvements:

* For unknown reasons, during the quest "The Lady of Paranoia" (SE05), the dialogue option for confronting Ma'zaddha about his conversation with Nelrene was not showing up, preventing you from continuing the quest. From now on, during the appropriate stages, he has a special greeting that should enable you to continue the quest as intended.

* Due to a minor oversight, attempting to speak to Herdir after you confronted Muurine but didn't report to Syl yet would result in the "I HAVE NO GREETING" bug. It's fixed now.

* If for any reason the gates of Cylarne (during the quest "The Cold Flame of Agnon") remain closed with no way for you to open them, the golden saint and the dark seducer standing next to the metal gates should now offer a new topic where you can request the gates to be opened.

* Nerfed the spell used by the Hungers. I can't believe I never noticed anything wrong about them paralyzing you for THIRTY FREAKING SECONDS. Now it lasts only 6 seconds.

* Additional language fixes. My English was so bad back then...

* Changed the texture of that big text in Dumag's store (the one you see when you enter the building using the upper door). Now it should look a little bit more convincing. I hope...

* Funny little detail: if Thadon attempted to start a conversation with a Golden Saint, she would rudely brush him off like any other NPC. It's fixed now.

* Altered Sheogorath's eye texture, he shouldn't be derpy any longer.

* A minor oversight of mine: the guard in the Museum of Oddities could still say "You should not be in this place" (used when the player is about to trespass) even if she was in the middle of combat or dead. Fixed.

* Edited the way Dyus is treated during the special option that becomes available after the main quest is completed, to prevent potential bugs.

* Removed the ability to order Ushnar's Old Dog to fall down (which was intended to let you access his inventory). This was done to prevent potential bugs.

* Removed the Demoralize effect from Mazken's staves, since it was causing all sorts of bizarre behaviour.

* Due to a minor mistake, Brithaur wasn't properly using his AI package in case you had him jailed. It's fixed now.

* Changed it so that you-know-who can no longer be one-hit-killed with Mehrunes Razor.

* It always bothered me that during the Ritual of Dementia, despite Anya Herrick claiming that she got rid of the guards, the ones in the garden are still present, making it seem as if she didn't do anything at all. It's fixed now.

* For reasons unknown, the script of the Flame and Frost Atronach Minions was causing the game to crash, something that wasn't happening before. Unfortunately, because of this, I had to remove the Minions from the game entirely.

* Gave the Knights of the Thorn a much better armor model.

* Zealots and Heretics have been nerfed a little, since people kept saying that they are overpowered.

0.112 – primarily text fixes:

* Fixed numerous grammar errors.

* Now Gaius Prentus (the guard from the gate island) will be able to arrest you if you have a bounty. This will only happen AFTER you complete the quest with entering the Isles though, to avoid potential complications.

0.111 - little fixes and additions:

* Fixed the message in the Uninstall option which was telling you to type in a wrong (incomplete) command. Dang!

* Changed the Confidence in AI for a few NPCs from Sheogorath's Palace (they will no longer involve themselves into combat) and added a few spells for Herdir and Kithlan.

* Informing Kithlan about Brithaur in the related quest will now actually result in sending him permanently into jail. Check out the mad drawings in his cage once you do it. Works also if you finished the quest before loading the mod (or at least it should).

* Eating Felldew by NPCs will now affect THEM instead of YOU.

* Fixed the AI of Syl, so she will sit on her throne when not doing anything special, rather than just wandering around.

0.110 - fixes and a notable addition:

* The Ordered Fringe is now filled with much greater amounts of enemies, including some new ones;

* Some new enemies were added also to the ordered Brellach/Pinnacle Rock;

* Fixed the Uninstall option, which apparently wasn't working at all;

* And various other small fixes that I don't remember now.

0.102 - another set of little fixes:

* Added some of the missing USIP changes;

* Reshaped amber cuirasses a bit - clipping issues were possibly removed and the new shape of the male amber cuirass allows male players to have clearly visible amulets;

* Fixed some problems with creating a bashed patch in Wrye Bash (hopefully).

0.101 - various little fixes:

* Removed a few accidental changes;

* Added some compatibility patches for some mods, and fixed the compatibility in general (there are still some fixes from Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch that this mod overwrites, mostly for scripts and dialogues - this was fixed in the next version);

* Removed rats from Crucible and made them optional, as a separate ESP file;

* Added some fixes for normal maps of a few objects (normal maps are what determines whether objects are shiny or not and whether they're convex or concave);

* Added a fix for the gardens of Mania and Dementia in the New Sheoth's Palace - map markers should be visible after entering them;

* Changed Ra'kheran's AI, so he will no longer just stand in one place once Ciirta is defeated. He will disappear once the related quest is completed, but details are important, aren't they?

* Added two Apostle hoods, obtainable from the table in the Howling Halls and from Ra'kheran.

* Fixed a little bug in the AI of Ushnar's Dog, which was causing him to stand in the same place as the Frost Atronach Minion during the Ceremony in the Fringe;

* Fixed meshes of amber blades;

* Fixed damage of "Gatekeeper bone arrows", making them more useful against the Gatekeeper (and only him).

* Added more loot to the Heretics and Zealots - fighting with them should be more worthwhile now;

* Added additional AI for Ushnar's Dog and Atronach Minions, causing them to stand aside while they're in the throne room of Sheogorath's Palace;

* Removed the fire spells from Knights and Priests of Order, which were not fitting them at all;

* Changed Haskill to make him use his "keep hands together" animation more often.

0.100 - initial release.

Credits and permissions:
(Authors of the resources are listed in the "Resources Used")

Thanks to all TES Alliance’s folks who helped me in creating this mod, and great thanks to myk002 for all the help with Wrye Bash things and general fixing.

Do with this mod whatever you want, except making it commercial. But please credit all authors if you're going to use it anywhere. It would be appreciated if you could inform me (just inform, no need to ask for a permission) about using it in your mod, but it's not required.