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Tabula by Braclo
Application Version: V1.0
Date: 02 May 2010

A utility to format your text into the desired format for Oblivion. Since

Oblivion's books is in html format and not all of us know it by our

fingertips, this utility will generate it in a easy and user friendly


PLEASE NOTE - This utility is 1024 x 768 with no resize. This is because of

the fact that the background and buttons is all pictures and resizing will

mess it seriously up. If to many people complain about this, I will look

into a method of changing it, but untill then, it stays like it is.

Open and Save your text documents.
Detailed Help into using the utility.
Fancy Font, Font, Color, Image, Alignment and Page End options for editing.
CS Tutorial to create a book in the Construction Set.
User Friendly

While working on a mod, I needed to create books. Having not much luck with

finding a good generator without bugs, I decided to create my own.

Files included
Tabula.exe - The Utility
Tabula Readme - This Readme.

Installation and running
Nothing fancy here.
•Extract the files.
•Run Tabula.exe

How To Use
Just run the utility and click on the HELP button. A detailed description of

each button and a tutorial is there to help you!

Simply delete the exe, and the application is gone.

Future Plans
Like my previous utility, depending on how popular this application gets

will depend on how much I look into new features.


Hope you all enjoy this and it helps you all! If you have bugs to report or

suggestions, post it on the comments where you downloaded this file. All

feedback is welcome :D


Bethesda - Fancy Font, Font and Book picture was taken in TES 4: Oblivion.

Special Thanks:
To all the modders, keep them coming!
To TesNexus, awesome website and community!
Bethesda - For creating a awesome world we can live in!

Version History:
V1.0 2010/08/02