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Shell of the Artificer [v1.5]

By Gizmodian and Kogane


An ancient Dwemer set of armor, powered by strange green crystals has recently been donated to the Arcane University. It is yours to take. All new armor for the HGEC body and Roberts male body as well as weapons of an original design including meshes and textures.


Two versions of the armor, an asymmetrical version and a symmetrical version, in both light and heavy. One

set of clothing with most of the 'armor' style sections of the Artifice removed. It is designed for the

HGEC-Fighter D-cup body upperbody, Fighter M lowerbody.

A great sword, a double-blades staff also set as a greatsword, a two-handed axe, a magic staff [as well as

an unenchanted version], a plasma shield in the tail slot, a placeholder 'shield', a long sword, a dagger, a

dual-dagger, as well as the offhand versions of the longsword, dagger, and dual-dagger.

Issues and Things:

The 'Plasmafield Shield' is blank, it does not show up in game. It's not supposed to. It is a placeholder

to give you a blank 'blocking' animation to use alongside the Plasmafield Bracelet if you want to be able to

block with the bracelet as if it were a shield.

Because of the way the Shatterpunch is made as a punch dagger, it doesn't slide into the scabbard area

correctly. There is nothing I can do about it short of deleting the object.

Both the Whorl and Justice clip during fighting animations because of the weapons, again, there is nothing I

can do about it without making the weapons completely different. Then they would no longer be true to the

design intended.

There is some clipping in extreme poses. Nothing is ever perfect, I can't help that either.


In the Arcane University lobby. It's next to the counter in a small corroded dwemer barrel. You can't miss



HGEC or Exnem compatible body.
Roberts Compatible Male body.


Anything that changes the Arcane University Lobby to an extent that you can't get to the barrel or changes

the AU lobby to a new interior worldspace.


Either manually install by unzipping directly into your Oblivion/Data folder. If prompted to overwrite,

select 'yes'.

Or make it into an OMOD using OBMM.

There are instructions in many places on the internet on how this is accomplished.

There is also a 2048 Tex Addon extra folder in the mod. If you wish to use High-Resolution Textures [which

will make the items look better], drop the textures folder into your Data folder after you install the mod.

When prompted to overwrite, select 'Yes'.

There is a possibility that the high-resolution textures may cause a performance drop. Use them only if you

have the computer to handle it.


Delete the files or remove the OMOD.

Update Log:
7/10/2010 - Beta mode
7/12/2010 - Initial Release 1.0
7/18/2010 - Patch 1.5 with male support and offhand Shatterpunch

Programs Used:

Adobe Photoshop CS3
The Elder Scrolls Construction Set


Alienslof - Male conversions
Mondstein - Beta Testing
Wolfy - Beta Testing
Kogane - The awesomest person in the history of EVAR. She did my meshes, my rigging, my normal maps, and I

stole a pair of panties from her.

No seriously, They are the panties included in the armor.

Usage and Permissions:

This is open source, you cannot claim it as your own. If you use any part of the mesh or textures, you must

credit Kogane and myself.

I would like to be notified as a courtesy if you intend to put it in your mod.