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The 0.9 version seem to be corrupted so it will not work.I will upload the fixed version when I find some time , I still haven't abandoned Loren!Thanks for understanding.


Loren is a mod for The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion , which adds a whole new world called "Loren".Some things about the lore.Loren is a contiment far away from Tamriel that's currently in war with Kal,a kingdom far far away from Loren.The war started almost a year ago and ever since Loren has been in a mess.All sort of criminals found the chance to do whatever they want due to the lack of soldiers.It is also rumored that a group of necromancers is trying to open a gate to the underworld so they can conquer Loren and then the rest of the world.

*The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion
*Oblivion's latest patch
*Shivering Isles
*Latest version of OBSE
*Elys-Universal Silent Voice

Most Important Features
*A whole new worldspace
*A lot of new items,weapons,armors,creatures,spells,quests and other things
*Everything is handplaced(every single thing!)

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