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Added: 12/01/2010 - 01:05PM
Updated: 23/08/2013 - 08:49AM

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AST IC Library Chandelier by Aisis

Provides the Imperial City upper library chandelier
as a modders resource.


Unzip the files to the Oblivion/Data directory.

Playing the Plugin:

You'll have to place the mesh in your own esp.


A simple resource using the Imperial City Library
Chandelier as a slightly modified standalone mesh.
This does not contain textures for the mesh, since
it uses the original textures from Oblivion. Thus
any texture replacers will have effect on the final
visual result.

Optional download - a double chain length mesh for
houses and mansions with higher ceilings.

Known issues & Bugs:

None known.


Please, don't place this on any other modding sites. You
can always contact me and ask for permission if you want
to anyway.

Please, don't forget to mention me and this resource in
the credits of your work. This way people will know where
to look for the goods. Thanks.


Thanks to Bethesda for the original game and meshes.

Thanks to the creators of Blender this mesh has been
modified with.

Thanks to Mr Siika for his simple yet very enlightening
basic Blender tutorial.

Thanks to the creators of NifScope, a great tool for
noobs as well as pros.


You can contact me on PES forums as Aisis or Astraia.
On Official Bethesda, TES Nexus and Oblivion's Real
Estate forums as Aisis.

I'm daily present on TES Nexus and Oblivion's Real Estate.
I can't guarantee that on the other forums.