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The Crimson Queen
...Flesh, Blood, and Bone obey Her.

4/30/10 UPDATE: woops, lol. fixed a script that wasn't allowing you to equip the hand of asta

4/29/10 UPDATE:finally solved the mesh issues and the crashing due to "Red" and "Abomination," rebalanced enemies so it'd less of a hack-fest, and added an optional plugin for those with Terran Vampires beta v1.4. Also, i couldn't replicate the crash some have when going back to cyrodiil before the qeen is dead, so be sure to go prepared 'cause you might not be able to leave until she's dead!

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Table of Contents
1. Intro
2. Features
3. Compatibility
4. Download

1. Introduction
This mod is meant to be played with the lights off and the volume cranked up. Also, please refrain from using nighteye and/or light spells.

An odd man has been lurking around Cheydinhal, looking for someone to do some dangerous work. He says that there
is a horrific vampire who has made haven in Cyrtsalbeam Bog, in the southern marshes of Morrowind. Should
you except this man's work you will discover unspeakable horrors and grotesque monstrosities. You will face
enemies unlike anything you have seen before...in an environment you have only laid witness to in your nightmares.
Good luck...you're going to need it.

*This mod is meant to showcase some of what you will see in Terran Vampires v2.0. Although this mod ties into T.V., it does not require any version or resources of T.V. and (via secrecy) it is lore friendly.

2. Features
-Travel to the Southern Marshes of Morrowind
-New, never before seen enemies
-New enviroments
-New architecture, containers, statics, etc.
-New Sounds
-New items
-New weapons
-New ingredients
-New artifacts
-New frightening experience
-and much much more!

There are no known compatibility issues with this mod:
One of the design principles of this mod is to write everything from scratch and to alter nothing that already existed. With few exceptions, this mod does not alter any existing NPCs, scripts, items, objects, or any other references, so it should be compatible with almost any other mod out there.

The only possible incompatibilities are with anything that drastically changes the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn interior,
and/or anything that changes the area East/Northeast of Lake Canulus.

5. Download
Discover the Tzimitze... @ TESAlliance, TESNexus, and PES

If you enjoyed this mod please endorse and/or vote for it, i really appreciate appreciation, lol

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