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Vvardenfell Armor Mod
Version 1.2
Released: 2009/9/15
Updated: 2015/03/09
by themythofstrider
Store (including meshes) by Omegacron | Mesh/UV maps by PacificMorrowind

Cleaned & optimized by Zaldiir

These Mods were included unaltered with permission by the author(s)
Chitin Armor and Weapon Set by Helborne.
Daedric Lord Armor by Mcmuffin.
Ordinator Armor by Cyro.
Hircine Armor by Zenith92/JDfan.
waalx's broad poignard from the Nord set.

When entering Cheydinhal through the West Gate, turn immediately to your right. The shop is the first one down the path, located next to the guar pen.

There are rumors a Khajiit is dealing black market items on premises (psst ... check the bookcases).

My interpretation of almost EVERY armor set included in TES Morrowind GOTY (and plenty more). If it's Morrowind related, it's probably in here.

This mod includes (in no particular order):
Bonemold (retex)
Stahlrihm (retex)
Dreugh (retex plus various helms)
Nordic mail
High Indoril (retex)
royal guard
Nordic ringmail (various under armor choices)
Nordic iron (various under armor choices)
Nordic bearskin
Nordic fur
Vvardenfell iron
Vvardenfell steel
Vvardenfell Orcish
Vvardenfell ebony
sixth house gear (lots)
House Telvanni deathdealer gear
House Redoran gear (hetman)
House Hlaalu gear (councilor)
Almalexia battle armor
Vivec battle armor
Sotha Sil battle armor
Netch (with or without backpack)
Boiled netch
Netch Adamantium (plus coats)
Imperial steel (two versions)
Templar (two versions)
Imperial chainmail
Imperial spearman
Shalk armor
Morag Tong gear
Dark Brotherhood gear (light and heavy)
Morrowind silver
Duke's guard
Studded leather
legendary Vvardenfell artifacts
snow bear/snow wolf
7+ Cephlapod helms
7+ Redoran watchmen helms
various facemasks (closed and open)
various hoods/cowls to match
random hats and coats

Chitin Armor and Weapon Set by Helborne.
Daedric Lord Armor by Mcmuffin
Ordinator Armor by Cyro
Hircine Armor by Zenith92/JDfan
waalx's broad poignard from the Nord set.

This all started as a simple retex of Ghogiel's MW armor sets and grew into an homage to MW (my favorite game)and to the community itself. Please check out, download, and rate highly (if possible) all the armor mods that make up this project as they are all worthy of praise.

Shivering Isles
  • Latest official patch (1.2.0416)

  • Nexus Mod Manager
    Use the "Download with Manager" button. The installer should take care of things from there. Then simply make sure NMM has the mod activated.

    Wrye Bash BAIN
    Drop the archive into your Oblivion ModsBash Installers folder, then install as usual. Make sure the mod is active in the Wrye Bash mods tab.

    Open the downloaded archive, and extract all files into your Data folder. Activate the mod using whatever mod management tool suits you.

    Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

    Open Cities (there's a patch in the files tab)

    Known Issues or Bugs
    The Redoran Master, Nordic Iron and Dark Brotherhood helms have some minor to moderate clipping. My apologies, its beyond my ability to repair (if someone would like to ... feel free!).

    The item stats aren't overdone (i think) but are pricey (they have to be imported a long way).

    Also being that this is the initial release, there may be bugs. Please let me know either in the comments section or at the boards.

    1.2, 2015/03/09 - by Zaldiir
    Combined all files into one download.
    Optimized the Textures and Meshes.
    Packed all loose files into a BSA.

    1.1, 11/15/2009
    Various fixes

    1.0, 2009/9/15
    Initial release.

    You can find me on the official Elder Scrolls forums as themythofstrider
    You can find me on NexusMods as 'themythofanst'

    Prepare for a very long read.

    Store created by Omegacron (along with custom almalexia statue and paintings)
    PacificMorrowind custom mesh/uv maps.

    Meshes utilized in this mod:
    Ghogiel's Armor Resource by Ghogiel
    Helborne's Mesh Resource by Helborne (are we feeling redundant yet?)
    Chitin Armor and Weapon Set by Helborne.
    Ghogiel's Samurai armor
    Divine Guardian by PaleRider
    Nordic Warrior by PaleRider
    Paladin Equipment by PaleRider
    Underworld Armor by zertual pro
    Tyreal Armor by zertual pro
    Morrigan Set by jojjo
    DreadKnight Set by jojjo
    Phitt's Helmet Collection
    Ram Shield by Guncow
    Brigandine Armor by Wikinger9048
    Growlf's Hot Clothes v5 - by Growlf (just wanted to type that again)
    Alexscorpion's Deadly Shadows
    Adamantium Armor Suit by Alexscorpion
    Alexscorpion's sneaking gear
    Tda's Armoury
    Predator Mod vers. 6 by the Predator Team
    KURESE's NPR Knight Armor
    NPR's Knight Armor
    Umaril's Armor Separate by Selene310187
    "Masks" by jcarl904
    The Forgotten Shields by Painkiller_Rider
    Medieval Shields by Lhammonds
    Dark Tower Shield by Lhammonds
    Skeleton K's nightshade armor
    Skeleton K's dark illusion armor
    Luchaire's exnem warrior armor
    Ambassador of Darkness by Eyren and Robert Male version by Nivea
    Doppler's Armory - Ryu Doppler
    Her Hands Armor - Zenith92
    Helms of Legend by Shamblin Horde
    Yaarm's fur and iron armor
    Lancillotto's butcher armor
    Hashshashin Armor v2.0 by Dimitri Mazieres
    Ranger Armor by Dimitri Mazieres
    Tel Auruhn Cuirass by Ginnungagap
    Lich King armor by Jojjo
    Exnem's Warrior Armor
    Druid armor and weapons by tumbajamba
    Ordinator Armor by Cyro
    Alienslof's Giger Armor
    Alienslof's Robetrader
    Apaachi heroes store, meshes by alienslof
    Helborne's Chitin armor and Weapons
    Growlf's Hot Body V5
    Tel Auruhn Cuirass by Ginnungagap

    Meshes used in Apachi Heroes store:
    skeleton K

    --Thanks to JDFan for the filled bookcase meshes.
    --Thanks to Mdogger, XMarkstheSpot, and Grimdeath for the guar meshes.
    --Thanks to Xiamara for the pillow meshes and textures.
    --Thanks to Ancestral Ghost for the kwama egg meshes and textures.
    --Thanks to Mikal33 for the high-res sign texture.

    Textures that were used as a guide and resource:
    Darknut's High Res MW armor
    Westly's Almalexia replacer.
    Ghogiels Armor Resource
    Apachi Heroes store

    If I did forget to credit an author (I'm embarrassed already) please let em know so I can update this readme.

    If your one of the author's on this list (thank you for your wonderful work) and you would like me to remove your items from this mod please let me know and I will do so asap.

    Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
    Thanks to Nexusmods.com for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
    Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
    Thanks to God for creating us all.
    and thanks to everyone at the bethboards who left me encouraging emoticons.

    Tools Used
    Adobe Photoshop
    TES Construction Set
    Readme Generator

    Please ask me before using any content contained in this release.

    If you're feeling impatient with the price of everything or you just want to quickly try the armor sets out: I've left my testing chest in the testinghall cell