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LWB Unarmored 102 by
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Added: 08/04/2006 - 03:40PM
Updated: 14/04/2006 - 04:20PM

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1.0.2 Latest version

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Uploaded by Animation


Last updated at 16:20, 14 Apr 2006 Uploaded at 15:40, 8 Apr 2006

LWB Unarmored 1.0.2
by Animation


This mod adds a functional / spiritual cousin to what was the Unarmored skill in Morrowind. If you want to put fear in the hearts of the enemy while wearing peasant gear, monk robes, or dazzling pajamas ... your search is over. Simply keep your Hand-to-Hand and/or Acrobatics skills in shape and you'll live to tell the tale!


This version added a 4th algorithm based on both skills and stats.




The mod applies an ability to your character as long as you do not wear armor on your chest. The ability is a shield effect. It does stack with other shield effects but is limited to the max based on the Oblivion engine.

The magnitude of the effect is based on 2 control skills, Hand-to-Hand and Acrobatics. In the "low" version of the Mod, the lower of the two control skills is used to determine the Shield magnitude. In the "average" version, they are averaged. For the "high" version, the higher of the two control skills is used. The "stats_skills" version scales in Agility and Speed. The variety is provided to you so that you can decide for yourself how difficult you want it to be to keep your shield effect high.