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Added: 10/06/2009 - 03:01PM
Updated: 23/03/2013 - 02:43PM

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With this mod, you can break locks with melee attacks. You probably knew that.

Previous lock bash mods have had to make a choice between fully immersive mechanics and maximum compatibility. Thanks to the magic of OBSE, this mod can finally give you both.

Hit a locked door or chest with any melee weapon, including your fists. Your weapon, or your gloves and/or you, will be damaged. Blunt and heavy weapons are better suited to the task. Power attacks give a bonus, but deal more damage back to your striking implement. Random numbers will be generated, modifiers will be applied, and if you win the roll, the lock breaks. Bashing locks is a crime, and you can't attempt it while sneaking.

Scruggsywuggsy the Ferret produced the de facto standard in fully-compatible lock bashing mods prior to this one. As a member of the OBSE team, he also made the tools I needed to outdo his version. If he hadn't been so busy with OBSE, he would probably have gotten to this before me.

Therefore, I humbly dedicate Lock Bash Omega to Scruggs!

For those who want the nitty-gritty details, here they are. First and foremost, nothing happens if the player is sneaking. Otherwise, the bash code triggers when the sound of a weapon hitting a static object is detected and a locked object is found in the crosshairs with a lock level of 99 or less. If the door would be illegal to pick, the player sends a trespass alarm. The math begins...

The lock rolls 0..99 twice and keeps the better result. The lock level is then added, and this total is the Lock Roll.

The player also rolls 0..99 twice. If power attacking, the player keeps the better result. If not power attacking, the player keeps the worse result. This is the unmodified Player Roll.

The player's striking implement is then damaged. If not power attacking, the damage is 8. If power attacking, it is 24. If the weapon breaks from this damage, the bash attempt fails. Otherwise, the appropriate weapon skill is increased and the bash continues.

If the player is using unarmed attack, any worn gloves or gauntlets are damaged first. Heavy armor absorbs all damage to the hands; light armor takes 1/2 damage, passing the rest through. If the armor breaks from this, or the player wasn't wearing hand armor in the first place, the full damage amount passed through. Any damage not absorbed is compared to the player's current health. If this damage would kill the player, the bash attempt fails; otherwise the player takes the damage and hand-to-hand skill is increased.

The player's relevant weapon skill is checked and modified by Luck according to the normal formula, including the inability for Luck to improve a skill beyond 100. The player's Security score is then treated as a second Luck score, except that it never produces a penalty and can raise the resulting skill over 100 (but not over 255, the hard cap).

The player's strength is added to the modified skill, and the total is divided by 5.1. This is two times 2.55, and 2.55 is the ratio of 255 (the maximum value of a skill or ability) to 100 (the maximum lock level). Just in case something went wrong, this result is capped at 100. Finally, Fatigue will reduce the resulting amount as if it were weapon damage. This is the Player Modifier.

The Player Modifier is added to the unmodified Player Roll. Depending on the type of weapon used, a Weapon Penalty is subtracted:

Weapon Type Penalty --
1H Blade: -15
2H Blade: -10
1H Blunt: -5
2H Blunt: 0
Miscellaneous: -20 (e.g. Bow/Staff melee mods)

Unarmed Penalty --
Novice: -20
Apprentice: -15
Journeyman: -10
Expert: -5
Master: 0

The fully modified Player Roll is compared to the Lock Roll. If the Player Roll is tied or higher, the lock is broken with a satisfying clank.