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Added: 06/04/2006 - 07:12AM
Updated: 17/08/2007 - 04:28AM

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Last updated at 4:28, 17 Aug 2007 Uploaded at 7:12, 6 Apr 2006

Landscape LOD NormalMap Fix v1.0 by BlueSteel

This mod fixes the big dark blocks on the distant LOD landscape. Something similar was already released by Loreroth, but his mod caused slowdowns on videocards with 256MB or less. This mod improves the image quality without sacrificing performance.

Works great in conjunction with shaja's Landscape LOD replacement textures; both mods combined still fit perfectly in 256MB of video memory.


Unzip and move the Textures folder to your Oblivion\Data folder. If prompted to overwrite, click "yes to all". The Folder path is as follows:


Technical Stuff

The original normal map files were in 1024x1024 resolution, and compressed with DXT1. This caused some very ugly block artefacts, like what can be seen in the unmodified game. Loreroth changed the files to be uncompressed, which fixed the blocks, but increased the video memory usage quite a bit. My approach is similar, but instead of creating huge uncompressed 1024x1024 files, I resized the images to 512x512 before saving them uncompressed. This results in files that are only slightly larger than the original files, but still offer far better quality because of the lack of compression.