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By the Nine, it's a limeroth!: Mod by Gabriel, Maigrets and Jumonji!
For some reason, there's a lime green daedroth (limeroth) in Cyrodiil. He has been added to the game using MMM meshes and textures at the request of a friend, and I used Maigrets' ESP--just changed the lion into a daedroth and fixed the messages to reflect that he is not, in fact, a cat, but a limeroth.

The limeroth included in this mod can be found outside the Gottshaw Inn (in the general area of Anvil)

To get Mike to follow you, walk up and talk to him like you would an NPC (press the activate key!). To get him to wait, do the same. If you want to summon him, be careful to pick up the "Well-Chewed Bone" which is near him. You will get a spell called "Summon Limeroth" in case you lose him.

Copy and paste the folders "meshes" and "textures", and the file called Limeroth.esp into your data folder, then activate the ESP in the launcher or OBMM.

Deactivate the ESP. If not using MMM, delete:
textures/creatures/daedroth/daedroth2.dds and daedroth2_n.dds

If using MMM, simply deactivate the ESP.

Known Issues:
Will conflict with anything editing the exterior of the Gottshaw Inn.
Will conflict with the original Sher Ja ESP (I renamed the ESP, but they edit the same things so they won't work well together!)

Bethesda for creating Oblivion and the CS in the first place for us to mod.
delphinus for allowing me to base Sher Ja on his Fenrir the Wolf mod.
Jumonji for his unreserved assistance with the main script which he created originally. Otherwise Sher Ja would be a furry statue.
Williesea for the object script which holds the Summon Spell. I found it on the Beth CS forums.
The CS Wiki for various informative tutorials.
Maigrets for the concept and persistence to learn how to mod.
TeamMMM for the daedroth texture
Arty for giving me the idea of a limeroth companion, and playtesting
me for edits to the ESP and playtesting

Do not re-host this mod, or post an edited version of it, without permission.

PM me here at Nexus under this username.