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Reaper's Drakelowe's Witch by : Reaper9111

The Mod :

This mod simply Revamp the Witch and her house from the "Cure for Vampirism" quest.
Now the place look like its a lonely witch that live there...and not a farmer!
Around the house i have added some fog that will appear at night, a black unihorn (it's not yours),
in the house i added a few more stuff that make you feel like your in a witch's house...and not in a farm !
this include a cauldron, a few magic effect items...ext...
Now, the real goal of this mod; i have added a secret tree outside the house (in the back) that lead
inside the basement, you can now wait and sleep there ! But be careful not to Steal from a witch...he he !

Please note that i did not modify in any way the quest, or anything related to it,
if you are experiencing some probleme whit this quest...its becuse it was a lil buggy in original Oblivion!
You can search the net to get more information on that subject !


Shivering Isles

Special thanks:

Alienslof; for the hat! "Some might say yeah but she dont want us to use her stuff"...
And to that i say "She gave me permission to use it!"
Dragonblade86; for the cauldron!

Last Words:

Please report any bug (related to my mod,see above info) to me via my email [email protected]
or on TESnexus as Reaper9111

Thanks for Dowloading and Enjoy !