34 swords from Mount and Blade by Guk Roman
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Mount&Blade Swords Mod
by Sangre
e-mail: [email protected]

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Release notes:

This mod adds twenty new one handed swords to the "Fighting Chance" store (Imperial City, Market District) and twelve claymores to the "Hammer and Axe" store in Bruma. Claymores and one handed swords were also put to NPC's claymores and longsword leveled items.
You can also find two swords (Landgraf and Sovereign) whiches are unique and powerfull. One handed Sovereign can be found in the third chamber of the "Homestead Fort" (not far to the south of the Imperial City). Two handed Landgraf will be lieing near dead adventurer of the third chamber of the "Horunn Fort" (between Bruma and Cheydinhal).
The mashes were converted from "Mount and Blade. Hundred Years War Mod", textures were painted by me.



Extract the file and copy the "MandBSwords.esp" file,"\meshes", and the "\textures"
folder into your \Oblivion\Data directory. Don't forget to mark the MandBSwords.esp
player file in "Data Files" before you start the game.


Additional esp file will remove the conflict with my other Mount and Blade weapon mods. Just paste it to Oblivion Data folder and replace the original esp. Don't forget to mark it in "Data Files" before you start the game.


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