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Added: 16/02/2009 - 07:39AM
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To say honestly I simply did not know how to call my new set weaponary for a long time. Than I wondered why elves, beeng skilled in bow shooting, have thair set of weapons, but redgards, being skilled in sword wielding do not have it..?

So this mod adds the set of Redgard weapons (degger, shortsword, long sword, claymore, mace, spiked mace, one and two hand axes).
Theese smash'n'slash tools are not enchanted but are quiet strong...
Some mashes of blunt weapons were converted from "mount and blade" and edited.
Handels and guards of the swords are embellished with barocco-stile ornaments, blades - with ancient Slavic and Celtic.

Redgard weapon can be found in Mackamentain. Theese ruins are located near the small lake to the sowth-east of the imperial city, just follow the yellow road.
All items are scattered all over the second and third chambers, make sure you found all of them (there should be eight).

There is no quest involved.

I broke my RedgardWeaponMod on two halfs for those who are unregistered could download it. First half contain blades only, second - blunt weapon. This time look for all items in Piukanda (slightly to the north west of the Imperial City).