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Respawn Timer Change for TES IV: Oblivion
by Teh Noob ([email protected])

To modify the respawn timer on interior cells such as dungeons, ruins, and caves.

Why Two Files?:
Respawn Timer Change v1.esp changes the timer to 999999 game hours, effectively instituting a "no respawn".
Resawpn Timer Change v2.esp changes the timer to 36 game hours, cutting in half the amount of time it takes to respawn a dungeon.

To use these files, simply unzip into your Oblivion Data directory (by default: C:\Program Files\Bethesda\Oblivion\Data) and select "Data Files" on the Oblivion Launcher screen, placing an "X" next to the version you wish to use.

Don't enable both plugins at once. I believe it'll load whichever one comes at it last in the chain of plugins to load, which could cause the application of the 36 hour timer instead of the insanely long one.

Feedback and suggestions to:

Teh Noob ([email protected])

Thanks go to "Aop" on the official Oblivion boards for the idea.