Cheydinhal Petshop v17 by Proudfoot
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Added: 30/03/2006 - 10:05PM
Updated: 21/07/2017 - 12:40PM

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Last updated at 12:40, 21 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 22:05, 30 Mar 2006

* 14 Pets to choose from: Golden Lab, Chocolate Lab, Husky, Panther, Imp, Spectacled Bear, Akaviri Bear (Panda), Brown Bear, Snow Leopard, White Akavirian Tiger, Battle Boar, Mudcrab, Cougar, and the Skeleton
* Every 5th level a pet will grow in physical size, ending at 30
* Each time you level your character your pet will level too when you rest
* Pets can be told to Follow, Wait, Feed, or Creature Health Kit
* You can have more than one pet at a time, but each pet is unique (you can't have 2 huskies for example)
* Ownership and friendly-fire is now set upon activating Follow mode
* If your pet should die in battle (or to traps), use a Creature Health Kit to resurrect them (sold on Mina the petshop owner)


----- (if you downloaded v1.5 you only need cheydinhal_petshop_v1.7esp_only.zip) -----

* Pet Toys can now be used from inside the inventory, and they can be hotkeyed. Special thanks to NumbNuts for submitting his script. His scripting gave me to shove I needed to make this possible. Thanks alot! Your contribution has made this mod alot better.
-- Changed the message you get when trying to equip something that is not equipable.

* Stealth Pets were not following properly, and were getting wait/follow in the different modes confused. They should be fixed now.... (hopefully)
-- If for some reason the AI gets confused, you can always tell the pet wait then follow...from both stealth modes and normal to normalize the script. But it should be ok.

* Many typo's and spellings edited. Special thanks to Dengin for proofing the pet book on Mina's counter.

* New tracking system. Tracking system is enabled when you purchase a deed from Mina. If the "Quest" is active, the green arrow(s) on the compass will guide you right to your pet. If the pet dies and is laid to rest, the arrow will go away. The arrows are only present if the quest for Lost Pets is active. Full thanks to Wormheart on this one. He submitted the scripts and quest info to me. I simply implimented it in the scripts and changed a few variables. Thanks a bunch wormheart. You have really done outstanding, and we all appriciate it! Big hugs from us all!

* Removed the uber gold barrel :) Though I am sure all of you retained self control and didn't loot it. ( I had placed it in to aid testing, but had forgotten to remove it ).