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Blackheart and Gizmodian ECRobes
Version: 0.95 Final Beta
Author: Blackheart and Gizmodian

This mod adds a number of robes into the world of Oblivion. For this release there are only female versions. The robes can be bought from the following locations:

Robe01 - Divine Elegance, IC Marketplace
Robe02 - Lelles Quality Goods, Anvil
Sakura/Kunoichi Robe - Nord Winds, Bruma
Eclair/Floral Robe - Borba gra-Uzgash Borba's Goods and Stores
Azrae's Robe - Northern Trade Goods, Chorrol
Lianai's Robe - Copious Coinpurse, IC Marketplace
Elishar's Robe - Colovian Traders, Skingrad
Erego's Robe - Best Goods and Guarantees, Leyawiin
Random Robes - The Fair Deal, Bravil

There is also a small quest to obtain some unique items which can be initiated by finding a key and a map from specific enemy mage npcs. The mages have a 75% chance of dropping either item. You will need to find both of these items for you to proceed with the quest. The mages can be found at the following locations:

Atrene Camp
Black Dog Camp
Brotch Camp
Carbo's Camp
Collarbone Camp
Fat Rat Camp
Garnet Camp
Gnoll Meeting Camp
Gro-Bak Camp

Hidden Camp
Last Chance Camp
Ra'sava camp
Seran Camp
Sweetwater Camp
Wind Range Camp

Fort Alessia
Fort Homestead
Fort Nikel
Fort Wariel
Fort Wooden Hand


Just plain vanilla Oblivion as far as I'm aware, patched up to the latest version.

Installation Instructions

Place the required files into your Data folder inside your Oblivion Directory (they should all be sorted in the relevant folder already, just copy and paste!). Alternatively I highly recommend the use of the OMOD version which requires Oblivion Mod Manager.

I have included 2 additional esp files for those of you who don't want to do a quest and just want items. The shop version adds all of the items for sale at Lelles' Quality Merchandise in Anvil, the free version adds a chest under the pier across from the pirate ship in the Imperial City Waterfront District.

To uninstall just remove all of the files that came with this mod.Gizmodian and I have plans for a male version of the robes so hopefully sometime in the near future we can provide an update patch with some new content. I know I've got some content left that I could add as well, so keep an eye out for future updates! So consider this version a final Beta version :)

Programs Used

Adobe Photoshop
Jasc Paintshop Pro
DDS Converter
Crazy Bump
TES Construction Set
Oblivion Mod Manager

Contact Information

Both Gizmodian and myself, Blackheart, can be found on the TES EyeCandyForums:

TES EyeCandyForums: http://teseyecandy.com/forum/index.php
Robe WIP thread: http://teseyecandy.com/forum/index.php?topic=3934.0

Mod Usage

Feel free to use this mod in anyway you so desire however I ask only that proper credits are given to the relevant people. It would be nice to let us know what mods you're using them in, although it is not required (simply because it's always interesting to see what other people come up with!).

Conflicts and Problems

Aside from some minor clipping on some poses, I've not encountered any other bugs during testing. It is possible this may conflict with the big overhaul mods as this does add a few spawn points and a small ruin in one of the outdoor cells. One last important thing to note, the Wings of the Fallen, Sword and Shield of the Fallen do not glow unless you have HDR turned on, if you can't use HDR for whatever reason my apologies but there was no other way that I could manage it. Time for me to start learning about particles in Oblivion I think... :)

Version History

21/06/06 - Final Beta Version (Female Robes only)
24/04/08 - Beta version of Robe01

Gizmodian - For all of the amazing textures! Biggest thank you of all goes to Gizmodian for helping out with retextures and with playtesting the esp file :) It's been an honour to work with you.
Abovewolf - Rosana Boots Mesh. I redid the UVmapping so that we could retexture them easier and also combined them with the golden saint boots for Azunai's armour.
Exnem - For creating the EyeCandy body, Sorceress Panty mesh. Big thanks needed her for kick starting the whole EyeCandy community.
Bethesda - For creating Oblivion, their original meshes and textures. What can I say? Without them we wouldn't all be playing this game.
Grhys - Exnemised Robe mesh. I used this as a starting point for my own robe mesh.
Jerros and LHammonds - Shield handle and collision mesh from Lost Paladins of the Divines. I also used the sword as a reference on how to add flames.
Apachii, Treetop Smoker, Flonne and CordwainerABQ for letting me name some robes after their characters :)
}{ellKnight and LHammonds - Gizmodian would like to thank them for getting her started in terms of modding.
Blackheart - Mesh, Texture and CS work.

If I missed your name off anywhere then please let me know!

Special thanks goes out to the EyeCandy community.