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In the name of God

[IMPORTANT]:if you use "Elaborate Eyes" or "Beautiful People" Download the [Elaborate Eye Fix Patch] in the file menu!


Persian Race V-3 Contains new Armor, Weapons, Clothing, NPC's, Locations, artifacts and Special Spells Designed for the Persian race.
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Download the main race file V-3 to Get all the Addons + The race and to fix the textures from V 2.0.2:

IN V 3.0

-A new Armor set
-A new Weapon
-A new Shield
-24 new NPC's
-A new Artifact
-A new Fort
-A Wearable Cape

-Weapons,shield,Armor and Cape are all found on the new NPC's
-NPC's are Scattered in the new fort
-Artifact Lies Within the fort
-The Fort is a bit north of "Dragon Claw Rock"

-Bandits no longer attack each other
-No more missing textures
-Fixed the bug from the inn when the player doesn't have enough money
-No more Missing Eyes

-Levitation turned to Lesser Power
-Added more Bandits
-Fixed some texture paths
-Fixed some NPC AI.
-Now needs Custom race fix + Boathia Shrine fix because of a bug found in prisoner dialogue

"Nexxon" for the Weapon
"Land of oblivion" and "Pale Rider"for the cape (I Remeshed and retextured)
"Myself" for everything else

More From V 2.0.2

1-)300+ new NPC's Scattered through out Cyrodill!
2-)150+ new bandits
3-)6 new Armor Pieces
4-)A new inn. Fully Voice acted and Lip-Synchronized
5-)Bugs of V 1.1 Fixed
6-)A new Artifact.
7-)3 Major Bandit camps (new)
8-)Story behind Bandits Written in their Diaries...
9-)Name Fixes
10-)2 New Dungeons
11-)15+ NPC's in cities with full schedules as random NPC's
12-)2 Traveling merchants

Where to Find the new things:
-NPC's appear randomly in cities
-Bandits Appear in all roads Except bruma,Cheydinhal and Chorrol
-Search the gold coast to find the camps: one is hard to find. another is at a more moderate place. the third... you already know.
-Artifact is Hidden in one of the camps, the main one in fact
-the new inn is located in anvil harbor.60 Gold Coins per night.
-the new armors appear randomly on bandits
-Bandit diaries exist in two camps
-Bandits also appear in some ruins such as Anutwil,Vilverin,Vindasel,Wendelbek,keytatar.

NOTE:lip-synch might be buggy since it was created by Construction set.1.2.4 but still has lip-synch.
Bandits some times attack each other due to Stupid oblivion logic
Some times dead bodies added in the V2.2 will not wear their armor. I Don't know why.

"Gogool" for voice acting
"Andragorn" for armor set
my self for everything else.


A New Race With new face and body textures with special scripted abilities such as levitation. All the new textures were created by me. it supports the known independent body replacers (BAB,UFF,Robert's Male,Exnem's EyeCandy).No known Bugs or crashes.

-Two new races one for male one for female
-Several scripted abilities such as Flying for the new race
-A complete set of new textures for the new race (Face,Eye and Body) all created by me.
-Two New NPC's With full schedules Located in anvil
-A new Custom Class
-several unique new spells for the new race
-An Extra Folder that contains textures needed to make it compatible with body Replacers mentioned above
-A new Beard mesh and texture


Long way back in 299, A Large Mysterious Gate to Another World Appeared Deep in "Abeacean Ocean". Then Vast Amounts Of ships Emerged, Only to Introduce a New Race To the Civilized People of Cyrodill. Cyrodillians Thought This was Only a Mage's Crazy Experiment Gone Wrong, But they didn't think Right. For Ages the Imperials Thought they are the Most Civilized People of the World, but they Encountered a Far More Civilized Race that Not only Preceded them in history, But proved a More Powerful Root in their Culture. The Khajit Have Always Been Racist When it came to the Arts Of Agility and Marksman But with this Incident they only found a Powerful Opponent...
and thus, With the Emergence of these people that Refer To themselves "Parsah Pelae" or "Persian" by cyrodillic Language, it only Made a Brighter Future for Tamriel.
The "Parsah Pelae" Worship One God Known as "Azhurmazd" or "Ahura Mazda" In Cyrodillic. this Idea has been Criticized By Imperial Scholars and Monks.
Fast Learning and Mage's Craft Made them Known as Gifted and Intelligent Throughout Cyrodill but Racism Prevented Them From Reaching the High Ends of Mages. They Refer to their Mages as "Magi". The Word Magicka, Magick and mage Come From.
They Came From the Great Planet of "XARX" to Prevent a Galactic Disaster, and thus, They Have a Chance of Succeeding in their Task.


Lore):Scholars are currently discussing the sudden appearance of an imperial like race. which claim that they came from planet XARX to prevent a disaster from happening.


Skill Bonus):


Blade......( 15 )...........Speech Craft...( 15 )
Acrobatics.( 5 )............Alchemy........( 10 )
Marksman...( 10 )...........Marksman.......( 10 )
Alteration.( 10 )...........Mercantile.....( 5 )
Mercantile.( 5 )............Restoration....( 5 )

Spells and Powers:

1.Curse of ahriman (Power)
2.Mazda's Grace (Power)
3.Wings of Ahura mazda (Lesser Power)
4.Blessing of Ahura Mazda (Ability)
5.Earth's Grace (Lesser Power)
6.Fire's Grace (Lesser Power)
7.Water's Grace (Lesser Power)
8.Wind's Grace (Lesser Power)
9.Mazda's Fury (Power)


1-Extract the file to a temporary location.

2-Copy the files to oblivion Data Directory (chose yes to all when it says two files of the same name)

3-Open Oblivion Launcher.
4-Select data files.

5-Check the box Next to the PersianRace.esp

6-Start oblivion and select new game.

7-If you've done every thing right two races should appear after you scroll on the race menu.(they both have the same name though)

"ONE MORE THING":if You are using body Replacers copy the texture for the body needed from the extras folder to DATA\TEXTURES\PERSIAN RACE\RACE\BODY\(MALE or FEMALE) and say overwrite when asked.


1-You need Custom race fix for both the Boatheia shrine or Main quest.

2-I Believe this mod is Totally Lore UNFRIENDLY So Don't Complain about that.

3-The Hair Color should not match with the beard by default so change all the sliders to 0 to make it match.(I Don't Know How to create custom hair colors.)

4-You Do not need OBSE For the levitation to work.But you should not use TGM console command When casting the spell in this case it won't work.

5-I Used Some heavy scripts for the collision detection to work so when you fly near the trees It Will become buggy after a while.

6-Even With collision detection when you fly directly to the ground you get stuck to the ground and have to wait Until the spell finishes to get out of ground.

7-When you cast the spell You Must wait a day For it to come back.TGM Does not work here.(when you use TGM console command the spell won't work so disable it
when you wan't to fly.You Also Can Only use the spell when you are in Tamriel out doors otherwise it will not work.I Scripted this to prevent bugs.)


1.Oblivion Patched to Latest Version.(
3.The Shivering Isles.
4.Custom race fix + Boathia shrine fix or:
4.Unofficial oblivion patch.

-Talkie toaster's Companion share and recruit.
-a 1240 x 1024 Screen resoloution (Just Saying)
-active NPC's


I Work Solo On this project. But some people Helped me by putting their mod as an open modder's Resource.

Ren for some of the hairs (3 Hairs)
Who created Corean hairs (12 hairs)
Bethesda for The Great game and some of the textures and meshes.(beard)
my self for every thing else

And Special Thanks to:
Tes Nexus Forums
Tes Construction set Wiki
All the people in Anvil that were killed, Scared to Death, Decapitated, Burnt and Cut in half in order to remove the bugs. Which Proved Useful. thanks Guys!
and last but not least a special Thanks to people that download this mod

If You saw Any Bugs crashes...Please inform (PM) me and Don't Complain.I am Not Experienced As Some great Modders out there.


1.Ahura Mazda's Divine Armory (CANCELED)
2.Anything that has been asked for Twice!