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This plugin modifies the orc race and rebalances them in order to fix some of the problems that Bethesda overlooked when balancing them. Basically the "Resist Magic" skill is bugged in that it will actually weaken the amount of strength you gain from the "Berserk" skill. In addition to this Berserk was useless before and hurt you more than helped. So I have rebalanced them. They will be more powerful than before but they lose the magic resistance in favor of stat boosts.

-Orc Berserk: +85str/+40health/+200 fatigue. No agility penalty.
-Orcish Might: +10 Str and +10 endurance. Replaces Resist Magic.

Possible future updates: I hope to be able to remove the "unconscious after Berserk" scenario where you end up with negative fatigue. I am not sure if this is possible however.

Compatibility Issues: There may be some compatibility issues with mods that change racial attributes, or add hairstyles. This is because such mods often modify race in order to add these in. I have merged my own private version of this mod with several of these in order to retain compatibility, but for this release such updates have not been merged in.