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Retextures in both natural and unnatural colors of Lorathiel's 07 hair meshes, in earless and elf versions. All of these meshes, including the earless, only work on elf female heads. There are 5 esps for these. Two esps are for the earless, and the hair meshes are entered as armor. There is a modder esp and a playable esp. In the playable esp, the wigs are sold by a vendor in the Foreign Quarter Plaza. The other three esps are for the elf ear versions of the hair mesh. They are entered as playable hair for the three elf races. I did not make these wearable wigs for sale, but anyone is welcome to make a mod doing this if they like. The elf ear hairs have physiqued versions. See under technical for specifics on how to select them for your character. The physiqued versions are not the smoothed versions by Gorg, but instead seems to be the original mesh Lorathiel did, and is physiqued by millinghordesman. Still, they are physiqued. And while they aren't as finished as Gorg's versions, they are still very nice hair meshes.The esps were cleaned with TESTool and checked with TESAME.