GZ Maxipack Dwemer by TR Gez
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Last updated at 13:20, 10 Jun 2008 Uploaded at 13:13, 10 Jun 2008

This is a pack of 100 new meshes adapted from stock Bethesda meshes for the in_dwrv architecture set. It contains several modular subsets allowing to create rooms that were impossible to do before.

A example esp contains all new meshes declared as statics, as well as a new activator using an old mesh. The example esp is available in both the English and French version, but the only difference between both is the name of an activator.

Please look at the cell GZ_Dwemer from the sample esp in order to see how the pieces can be used together and with the stock Bethesda meshes in order to create interesting and complex dwarven dungeons.

These meshes are adapted from Bethesda meshes, painstakingly modified one vertex at a time. They weren't made from scratch.
Work was made with Blender, and the NIF import/export scripts from NifTools:
Thanks to them all, especially Shon and Amorilia of the NifTools team whose explanations saved my hair from being torn away in frustration.
They're a modder resource, feel free to use them, modify them, and redistribute them, as long as they're only used for Morrowind.
Creditting me is nice but not required.