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Fixed esp for missing table. in a later version, it seems i accidentally deleted the upperclasstable08. thanks to toutatis! Mirror Link below also.




:=An Oblivions Realestate Garden Challenge Mod=:
And Winner of the Most Imaginative Home of 2008
(As chosen at the Oblivions Real Estate Website -
http://oblivionsrealestate.com/Find_A_Home/ORE_Challenges/ore_challenges.html )


...A home, a garden, a new land for you to enter. Admire the Autumn Dream.
Words do no justice since a picture is worth a thousand words.

To Play:
Seek the goddess' jewel and discover its powers. It seems the jewel was kept at Cloud Ruler Temple many years ago and perhaps,
lies forgotten somewhere in its many rooms. [Spoiler included in file's readme]

Special Features:
A new worldspace featuring Japanese painted clouds, Momiji or Autumn Leaves that scatter across the island, many retextured plants, trees, grass and terrain textures.
A home on a summit with an open veranda to a Japanese pond
A waterfall and koi pond
2 Gate Shrines
A bath house
Plenty of Storage and some japanese clutter and art

Extract the contents of the file into the Oblivion\Data directory

Remove the exhjapgarden file from both meshes and textures. It is probably easier to remove this mod with TES4Files by Mentalelf (available at Tesnexus) or apply
this mod with OBMM.

-Requirements and Recommendations:
Shivering Isles
Latest Oblivion Patch
For the best result (if your system can handle it), turn on grass and tree shadows and water reflections. If you wish, max out tree and grass distance. Texture size doesn't seem to influence the overall effect.

Some mods that inspired this one are:
Kielanai's Akaviri Kojima
Ronin's Snow Dragon Temple and Rise of A Samurai
Pizz and Lera's Rise of a Samurai in Osyogatsu

There really shouldn't be any other than mesh or texture replacers (even then that doesn't quite count). Seeing as you can enter the Dream any where with a bed, it may be wise to only use this outside of important quests.

21/2/09 - Several people contact me about the black screen error when approaching the home. This is caused by the Nvidia Black Screen bug. To find a fix, simply search for [black screen] and your sure to find a solution. Alternatively, switch your HDR game setting to Bloom in the Oblivion Launcher or option menu in-game.

21/2/09 - Also, strange squares have been reported around the bamboos. I'm no sure why they appear but they should only appear every now and then and seem to cause no harm to your game. Alternatively, for people with mod experience, you can simply over-write the bamboo files with ones from Kielanai's Akaviri Kojima mod.

-Usage and Contact
If you wish to use elements of this mod, please PM me first. You can find me as exilehunter at Tesnexus and at Oblivions Realestate. Just shoot me a PM and I'm more than happy to help.
Some textures are not by me. Contact me to clarify which textures belong to which person.

Some Last Words...
If you have enjoyed this mod, feel free to comment, rate or even send or post pictures. Alot of effort and time was put into bringing this mod to life.
The smallest things help make a larger picture.