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Added: 12/04/2008 - 06:31PM
Updated: 13/04/2008 - 12:46PM

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Last updated at 12:46, 13 Apr 2008 Uploaded at 18:31, 12 Apr 2008


13.04.08 (1.01), fixed some bad texture paths and removed a test mesh, thanks to exilehunter!


This is my Telvanni tileset for TESIV: Oblivion. Please note this is not a mod, ready to load into a game - this is just a resource pack for budding Telvanni modders out there.

It is fairly closely modelled on the Morrowind set, but all models and textures are entirely original. I made all the models, but only some of the textures - many of the good textures come from a Morrowind texture replacer from Plangkye, and a floor texture was kindly done on my request, speedily and professionally, by kalikut.

This was my first experiment in modelling, I learned to use Blender and GIMP specifically so that I could make my own Telvanni tower - and just as it's finished, I haven't really got the time to do anything with the tileset! So I hope to see many great Telvanni mods hitting the Internet soon.

Please feel free to use these models and textures in your own mods - just make sure to credit the models to me, and the textures to me, Plangkye and kalikut where necessary.

Happy modding!