Kvatch Rebuilt Spanish Translation ESP Only by Lazaro
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Added: 10/04/2008 - 12:07PM
Updated: 16/02/2015 - 05:27AM

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Uploaded by Lazaro


Last updated at 5:27, 16 Feb 2015 Uploaded at 12:07, 10 Apr 2008


After seen that impressive mod, finally I've decided to translate it to Spanish. This is ONLY the esp (Kvatch Rebuilt.esp) for the original mod Kvatch Rebuilt v1.1 found at kvatch.net.

There are not translated the other esp files. And the translation is completely done in the Kvatch Rebuilt.esp left untouched the esm and bsa files.

All credits goes to kvatch.net Team Members.

ADDED 25/04/2008:

Added Spanish Voice Patch for Kvatch Rebuilt v1.1 Spanish Translation OMOD version.