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This plugin was created to address one (in my opinion) glaring oversight in Morrowind's enchantment system. Why is it that you can enchant a weapon with Cast-On-Target spell effects, but in order to invoke the enchantment, you need to put away your weapon, select it from the list in your magic menu, and then use it as if you were casting a spell? Anyone who's played Heretic knows there is something lacking in this approach.

With Melee Missiles, you are finally able to create true projectile enchantments for your weapons. This allows you to combine magical and melee attacks on the fly, without ever entering magic mode. Spells can be launched directly from your weapon by simply pointing and shooting. Now that's more like it!

Note : This Plugin was first made by Scruggs, but then it become unavailable. I got from him the authorization to reupload his mod, so here it is.