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Lera and Pizz Hiyoko Store by Pizz and Lera
Oblivion » Mercantiles (shops, stores, inns, taverns, etc)
Added: 29/02/2008 - 01:35PM
Updated: 02/03/2016 - 07:11PM

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1.45 Latest version

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Uploaded by pizz


Last updated at 19:11, 2 Mar 2016 Uploaded at 13:35, 29 Feb 2008

My English is little, these explanations are all machine translations.
Please pardon it though sentences might be incomprehensible.

Therefore I have the case that it is not answered a question.
Please write it in plain English.

This Mod sells the armors, clothes, weapons which Lera and Pizz made.
Figure of the female is only for ExnemsBody.
Please remove old Mod before installation.

The alphabet is written at the end of the item name.

* M = Male
* F = Female
* MF= Male & Female
* A = Amulet
* T = Tail

There is the Hiyoko Store in Cheydinhal.
This shop opens for 24 hours.
If a salesclerk sleeps, please wake him up :)

Please enjoy it :D

UpDate 1.45
/Revised file name of Fran's Ear

UpDate 1.44
/Add FFXII Sword White and Black
/Revised for Mage Armor

Update 1.43
/ReColor for
/Mage Armor became the Black and Red

Update 1.42
/Revised for
/Fran's Head Parts
/Mage Female Armor's Pants

Version History
2008.05/06 add FF12 Sword, revise for Mage Armor
2008.04/18 add FF12 Fran,Mage,Boxer,miniDress
2008.03/21 add FrillDress and VampireHunter's Sword(Fire)
2008.03/09 add Knight Armor and Goggles.
2008.03/07 revise a little.
2008.03/04 revise a little.
2008.03/02 add VampireHunter's Armor and Sword.
add Tie Shirts.
add Dress Hat.
2008.02/29 Initial release.

1. Place the Data folder into your \Oblivion\Data folder and overwrite.
2. Active "Hiyoko_Store.esp"

This Mod prohibits change and use of Mesh / Texture.
Please understand.

----[Credit and VeryThanks!]-------------------------

Female EyeCandy - Body Replacer by Exnem

Leras Knight Armor

Leras VampireHunter LightArmor

Leras Valentine outfit and Staff for ExnemsBody

Lera and Pizz ShiningWind Armor for ExnemsBody

Leras PirateSet for ExnemBody

Lera and Pizz MerryXmasSet in Bruma ExnemsBody


pizz FinalFantasyXI WhiteMageAF

pizz NINJA for ExnemsBody

pizz BeastTamer for ExnemsBody

pizz Police Suits for ExnemsBody