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for Dalls - Fireglow Weapons



Fireglow Weapons Set consist of two Swords Long and Short one, Stiletto Dagger, Claymore, Battle Bow , two War and Battle Axes . All weapons have quite high stats and most are enchanted as well. Ideally better suited for higher level characters they can be put to good use by anyone.

Origin of these weapons is unknown as they were part of salvage lifted from shipwreck near Anvil. Strange fire crystals are definitely not there for decoration but real reason for them being embedded into these weapons is not quite clear.

Last known owner of these weapons is old docker with his two wheel wooden barrow. Finding him or his pushcart in Anvil should not be too hard but you never know. You'll need to keep your eyes open for clues.

Note: This mod is requested compilation of my four existing Fireglow weapons mods which uses single plug-in (ESP file) instead of previous four. If you already have any of these weapons after installation delete original plug-in file/s and use instead one supplied with this mod. Weapons and location are same as before.


Extract or drag into (copy/paste) all files into your Oblivion game folder. When you are asked to overwrite files under meshes and textures, select 'yes to all'. To get it into game remember to activate Dalls_Fireglow_Weapons.esp. Load order should not be of any importance.

Enjoy ;)


Use it as you like but due credit is expected.


Thanks and credits to Bethesda.