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Born of otherworldly metals and dwemer smithing, the Arcane Guard armor was scattered before the fall of the dwarves.

Rathlen, a Dwarven smith, found a meteorite that had fallen from the red moon. With this metal he made a set of armor that was later blessed by Azura, and before he died, Rathlen hid and scattered the pieces of the Arcane Guard so it would not fall into enemy hands. However, in his longing to bring this dwarven legacy to light once again, he smithed an Arcane Compass, to guide the right champion to the pieces of the armor. To all others, the compass will lead them to certain death.

Opponent numbers and strength are based on the player
level, scaling the combat to your character. However, player level
fifteen is a recommended minimum for this mod. Highly compatible
mod, adding all new NPCs and dungeon areas.

Seven different combat or puzzle areas are encountered while attempting
to attain the complete suit of armor with shield (which has female versions of the
cuirass and greaves). The armor has scripted magic, enabled only when the
complete suit is worn. The suit fortifies speed, strength, fatigue, and provides
resists against magicka, paralysis, and desease. These level up with the player
every 5 player levels. In addition, the suit can heal fully or restore magicka on
the player up to 3 times a day (callled the Three Gifts). This occurs during combat,
and is automatic. After completing acquiring the Arcane Guard armor, a final
challenge awaits the player, to fully test it's abilities!

Included in this archive is a spoiler, with all the console commands
to bypass any areas that you become stuck in. Tribunal and
Bloodmoon are needed.

Finding the helm is a search for an
earthly realm. Oh where is that door,
is it no more? Look for a weed, it
could be the door indeed.

Finding the shield will find you in
Black Lichen covered field. Dig and
discover the secret your big form will

Finding the boots Arcane will take you
to snowy forrest terrain. If the wild
animals can be avoided full, it's time
you dodged into barrow Tul.

Azura will test you, for bracers few.
It is lost, and you shall find time to
help it, too. Compassionate and
willful is the way the champion is

Again Azura is checking your mettle,
for if you are the champion into the
sky you must pedal. The compass may
be confused when near this sphere
huge, and when pauldrons are grabbed,
thirty is all you'll have.

It's now Rathlen's turn to try you...
champion or worm food nigh you? Take
heed, when Rathlen lost his leg to a
Daedra blade, the greaves were in sore
mending need.

Time to talk or meet your maker, either
way this one's quite a shaker. The
Cuirass is the prize, get strong,
forget wise.

Now you are the one, the champion,
Rathlen's long distant son.