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Use someone else's stuff in your mod or have modified the game files? Want to make them unique to your mod? You should if you include them in your install.

Got a bunch of textures in the "Textures" directory swamp? Want them in a subdirectory with the corresponding NIFs updated to use the new location?

This enmasse rename tool also updates NIF texture references and ESM/ESP files with the name changes or moved locations.

What on earth inspired me to do this? Well, namely, KingOfGaeadra did. What he suggested made a lot of sense, as my testing with TESFiles revealed major problems with mod "sharing" between Silgrad Tower and The Undergound, both of which share Better Heads, Cait's Farm, Blademaster's Weapons, among other stuff. TESRespec can help fix those kinds of problems!

Say you have a bunch of NIFs in a subdirectory "Meshes/Ronin", and you want all the textures they use to go into "Textures/Ronin" without having to hex edit all the NIF files. Or really do anything resembling work. Click GET FILES the file selection window will start in "Data Files", so click "Meshes" and select all the NIFs you wish to fix (from "Ronin"). Now click OK and all the NIFs you selected come up in the rename list window with all associated textures they reference. Now type "Ronin" into the PREFIX DIR box. Click RENAME ALL and verify the settings, and click YES. After it's finished POOF all those NIFs are in "Meshes/Ronin" and their referenced textures are in "Textures/Ronin", and the NIFs are all updated to reference the textures in Textures/Ronin.