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Last updated at 21:12, 12 Nov 2011 Uploaded at 4:36, 8 Feb 2008

FF Real Thirst, Cobl adds Cobl support to FritZ_FretZ's Real Thirst.

NOTE! This is just a compatibility mod! If you have problems with FF Real Thirst features or COBL features, let the authors of those mods know.

I'm also unable to maintain this mod right now as I don't have a working Oblivion install. (Modders wishing to take over maintenance of this mod are welcome to contact me.)


Cobl provides a standardised set of water source scripts that modders can apply to water sources in house mods and other mods that place wells and water features. These Cobl water source scripts don't do anything unless a survival mod overrides them and makes them DO something. FF Real Thirst, Cobl takes control of these scripts and uses them for its own nefarious purposes.

The upshot is that not only can FF_Real_Thirst users drink and refill their waterskins at wells, barrels, and waterfalls across Cyrodiil, they can now also do so at water sources placed in homes, castles, and other places by Cobl-aware mods.

Future versions of Cobl will feature its own placed water sources as well, so that you can switch between Cobl-aware survival mods and still be sure that the water barrel that you remember being at that one camp will still be there. For now FF Real Thirst, Cobl uses the same camp water barrel placements that are featured in the original FF_Real_Thirst.


* Cobl (of course)
* FF_Real_Thirst 1.20
* OBSE is required for to run FF_Real_Thirst 1.20. See the readme included with that mod for instructions.

Note that the proper version of FF_Real_Thirst is required! FF Real Thirst, Cobl uses ESP-mastering to alter the original records in FF_Real_Thirst.esp. Having "FF_Real_Thirst, Cobl.esp" but not FF_Real_Thirst.esp active will cause Oblivion to crash immediately on launch.


This mod is packaged in an OMOD-ready format. Make it into an OMOD, activate it, and you're good to go.

For manual installation, extract FF_Real_Thirst Cobl.esp into your Oblivion/Data folder and make sure it loads after FF_Real_Thirst.esp. It should also load after Cobl Glue.esp if you have that optional Cobl ESP active. (Note that Cobl Glue.esp is not necessary for FF Real Thirst, Cobl 1.0 to function, though this may change in later versions.)


FF Real Thirst, Cobl removes from your character the "Ring of Tweaking" that stock FF_Real_Thirst adds. To get this back, you must use the "Give me a new Ring!" Options Menu command and save your game before deactivating or deleting "FF_Real_Thirst, Cobl.esp".

Delete "FF_Real_Thirst, Cobl.esp" from your Oblivion/Data folder, or deactivate the OMOD in OBMM.


This conflicts with Salmo the Baker since it edits some of the same food levelled lists. This can be fixed with the Bashed Patch feature of Wrye Bash.

This will obviously be incompatible with other thirst mods or survival mods that include a thirst component.

Known Issues or Bugs

None known.


- 1.0, 2008-02-01 - First release


* You can find me on TESNexus and the official Bethesda Oblivion forums as 'EggDropSoap'
* You can send me an email here: eggdropsoap@removethispart_pipemaze.com (remove the obvious bit and the underscore)


Thanks to FritZ_FretZ for permission to Cobl-ise the original FF_Real_Thirst; to Wrye for Cobl, ESP mastering tech, and everything else; and, of course, to Bethesda for Oblivion and the CS.

Tools Used

* TES4View
* Wrye Bash
* TES Construction Set
* TESsnip
* Oblivion Mod Manager
* Readme Generator
* DocUtils

You can do whatever you want with this mod but don't complain to me if it doesn't work or your PC blows up. And of course, Bethesda Softworks owns all changes to their intellectual property anyway.