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LIP Template is an Oblivion modder's resource, a simple ESP plug-in file (and a few empty folders) that solve a problem.
The problem is that the new v1.2.404 Construction Set can't generate LIP files. These files are used to lip-synch NPCs to their audio dialogue. Only the old v1.0.303 Construction Set can do this. Bethesda indicated the voice middleware was incompatible with the new Construction Set and won't be releasing another one.

So, most modders now have the old Construction set's .EXE file kicking around for generating LIP. Launch that, open Oblivion.esm, edit some dialogue text, place and rename WAV file, generate LIP and done... but some never get that far because the second part of the problem shows itself: If the modder installs Shivering Isles, it replaces Oblivion.esm with a new one, and the old Construction Set won't load it. The modder is left with the option of reinstalling Oblivion, copying Oblivion.esm to a different filename, reinstalling Shivering Isles, repatching, and having 235MB of hard disk space wasted for the useless old ESM and having to rename back and forth between the two of them, just to have some default dialogue to load.

What LIPTemplate.esp does is replace the need for the old Oblivion.esm. It's a v1.0.303 plug-in file without a master, so it loads instantly. It contains only the default races of Tamriel (including the normally unplayable ones) and ten lines of dummy dialogue. This allows the modder to load it in the v1.0.303 Construction Set, change the text of the dialogue, place correctly renamed WAV files, generate LIP and exit without ever having to load Oblivion.esm.

Complete ReadMe with instructions is included.