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Added: 29/10/2007 - 08:21PM
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The Forgotten Shields v1.1
By: Painkiller_Rider (textures, mesh editing, story, quest, scripting, NPCs)
Xilverbulet (Fire Daemon creature and Scorchingdeath sword, from the Midas Magic mod)
SaidenStorm (Wyrm of the Akavir, based on his Akatosh mod)
AlienSlof (Dark Seer's Robe and Race textures)
Ibsen's Ghost (voiced dialogue, sound processing)
Final version Testing: Arkngt, Mercer Meka and Shamgar.

What it does?
Adds 11 new unique (retextured) shields obtainable via quest or vendors
Adds 2 full sets of (retextured) armor obtainable via quest or vendors
A few Easter Eggs...

Where exactly do I get the stuff?
Buy the equipment as follows:

Location: Imperial City Market District
Store: Stonewall Shields, Vendor: Viator Accius - shields
Store: The Best Defense, Vendors: Varnado and Maro Rufus - armor

Main Quest:
Name: The Forgotten Shields
Quest giver: Viator Accius
Quest start conditions: buy a one of the new shields from Viator Accius AND be level 10 or higher.

Optional Quest:
Oblivion Main Quest - a personal version of the Imperial Dragon Shield will appear together with the rest of the armor at the end of the game's main quest. If you already finished the MQ, just check back at the Legion Armory and pick it up. An unenchanted version of the shield is up for sale at the Stonewall Shields.

Story :
Viator Accius at Stonewall Shields has a bunch of new shields for sale and a story to tell! Fight monsters and battle reincarnated heroes, avoid traps, freeze and burn with thrill, all to achieve some of the most powerful shields in Tamriel's history!

Place the following items in the listed locations as below:
'theforgottenshields.esp' and the 'meshes', 'textures' and 'sound' folders all go in the following location: "Install Directory\Oblivion\Data\". You will be asked if you want to overwrite a couple of times, choose 'yes' to each time or 'yes to all' to save a couple of clicks.
With that done make sure to check the activation box for the 'theforgottenshields.esp' file before launching the game.
Voice Pack Installation:
Place the 'sound' folder should go in the following location: "Install Directory\Oblivion\Data\". You will be asked if you want to overwrite, choose 'yes' to each time or 'yes to all' to save a few clicks.

- The UPDATE 1.1 (Voice Pack) is not affecting ANY of the shields, or the quest-line (no new ESP!). It is only adding voices for the NPCs involved in the quest.
- The UPDATE 1.0 is not affecting ANY of the shields, only the quest-line, fixing a CTD when using the teleport scroll/ring. So if one already played through and finished the quest, there is no need to install this update!
- UPDATE 1.0: Now the Playing Character has to be level 10 or more to be able start the quest part of the mod (to retrieve the better shields). If not, there is no dialogue with Viator Accius when buying a shield. This is a safety built against aquiring the shields through cheating (not even a lvl 10 will be able to beat easily any of the monsters).
- UPDATE 1.0: Now to get to and from the Dark Seer's Tower there will be portals instead of teleporting scroll/ring.
- Game Patch 1.2 is required for this mod. Shivering Isles add-on recommended.
- The quest part of the mod is recommended ONLY to high level characters, due to the high value, rating and enchantments of the items.
- Try the quest at your own risk if low level - I can guarantee a quick death. For high level PCs, make sure you have about 300lbs free in the inventory and bring your best armor and weapons (I highly recommend Adonnay's CW weapons).
- Due to a game bug, the Imperial Dragon Shield may not appear in the Legion Armory when you finish the MQ. If so, just save the game when you enter the Armory (Savegame will do), then Reload and the Shield will be there!
- The Light spell default green color is change by this mod to match the Sun Shield (orange).

Special Mention:
The meshes are all "borrowed" from Oblivion (big thanks to Bethesda's great artists). The shields' textures are "patched" together by my own humble self, using various photos taken personally from Musee de l'Armee in Paris or from the web. In consequence, I would very much appreciate being asked permission for using my textures in any private/public mod, as a token of respect for the 3 months of almost daily work I have put in this mod.

Special Thanks:
Bethesda for the great game and background for modding, AlienSlof, Ibsen's Ghost, Xilverbulet and SaidenStorm for adding more flavor to this mod; Scanti for the wonderful Conformulator, Dev_akm for TESGecko; Kyoma, WillieSea, Conan_lon, Pepsi for various CS help; Adonnay for valuable counseling; and super-thanks for Arkngt, Mercer Meka and Shamgar for testing the update and coming up with many great design ideas! Very special thanks to Kivan for making voice&lipsynch implementation possible!