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-----------------pale_rider's Paladin Equipment----------------
This modification adds a Gothic2 style Paladin Armor armor and two weapons to the game. Nearly all of the meshes are created from scratch, except of a few parts from vanilla Oblivion that I've altered a bit.

The equipment comes complete with icons and world models, the helmet can be opened and closed, the swords can be hold one- or two-handed.

---------------------where to find-----------------------------
Visit the Imperial City Market District. At the statue opposite of Jensine's shop you will find the latest black horse courier. Read it and find the wreck mentioned in it. When you found it search the wreck for further notes.

Just put the files into your Oblivion data directory via drag&drop. Then there will be a message in which you select "Yes to all". Afterwards activate either the pale_riders Paladin Equipment_enchanted_eng.esp or the pale_riders Paladin Equipment_unenchanted_eng.esp in the oblivion startup menu depending on if you want to have the armor enchanted or not. The .esp's with the _ger ending are for the german version and do not need to be selected if you use the english version.

---------------------Epilogue :-)------------------------------
Very Special Thanks and credit go to L@zarus who let me use and adjust his scripts and helped me with texturing alot. The base for all steel textures I used is made by him, I just modified the brightness and contrast settings. Thank you L@zarus!

For the cape I used someone1074's capes&cloaks mod and modified the cape texture. Thank you for this great modder's resource someone1074!

I don't accept any liability for damages or other negative effects that could be caused by this modification.

See this modification as a modder's resource. Everyone who wants to use the files in this mod for his\her own mod is allowed to do so, as long as my name is mentioned in the credits.

Hope you have fun with the equipment!