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"This plugin will add 8 weapons also I have added a shop called “SNAPCASE Arms” which will be selling these weapons. It is located somewhere in Vivic, Redoren (have a go at trying to find it). The weapons included are as follows:1) The legendary Sword of Gatts the Berserker (which is based on a weapon used by the Character Gatts in the Anime “Berserk”. Its not the best looking weapon, But what the hell its Gatts sword…hehe) 2) The legendary Sword of Sanosake (which is based on a weapon used by the character Sagara Sanosake from the anime “Rurouni Kenshin”) 3) The Katana of Himura Kenshin (which is a Katana used by the character Himura Kenshin from the anime “Rurouni Kenshin”)4) Blade of Fury (A samurai Sword)5) Kaligarn’s dragon Slayer (a Long Sword designed for err…killing Dragons)6) Mekorig’s Skull Crusher (a mace designed for err..err….crushing skulls) 7) Staff of Zokarr (a wizards Staff)8) Jamiya of Allah (a Arabian Dagger)"Uploaded with SNAPCASE's permission.