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Added: 07/08/2007 - 08:56AM
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Last updated at 7:12, 8 Aug 2007 Uploaded at 8:56, 7 Aug 2007

Poison FX
by Tarnsman
Adds the missing effect to the poison spell category as well as new sounds for it. The result is when hit with a poison you will see a greenish cloud envelope you, as it will when you hit an opponent with a poisoned weapon.

Version 2.0 - Adds two alternative textures for the effect. Both are more of a sickly green. The different between these is that one creates a smaller cloud effect. Side by side screenshot of the three textures is included for players to determine which one they prefer. The version 1.0 textures is the default, the other two will extract into a separate subfolder. Players will have to manually move them and overwrite the default. Oblivion/Data/Textures/Magic is the path.

Requirements and Information

This mod was made with the Oblivion.esm patched to 1.20416 (Shivering Isles expansion) so it probably will require it.

If you are using my Wogs! mod this mod is not needed as the changes to the poison spell category are part of that mod. However, you may wish to use the alternative effects of this mod instead. Wogs! uses the version 1.0 effect.

Extract the archive into the data folder of your Oblivion directory. The mesh, textures and sounds files should go into their proper subfolders.


one esp file
9 game files (see Poison FX_log)
2 jpeg file which may be discarded after viewing

Contact Me

If you have comments or questions about this mod feel free to email me at:

[email protected]

Please mention something like "Poison Effects" in the subject line to make sure it doesn't get deleted with all the spam I get.

Version Info

1.0: Initial version
2.0: Adds two alternative versions of the poison effect.

* MentalElf for his wonderful TES4Files Utility
* SourceForge for making GIMP available for us modders on a budget.
* The NifSkope team for THE essential tool and great gift to the community.
* Bethesda Softworks for this great game and the ability to mod it.