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"What makes the mage I ask? Power and knowledge? Those things are important but a good fashion sense is greatly underestimated but with the simple addition of one my amazing wizard hats will correct any problems there!" - Dana Darksun (Wizard Hat Seller)Adds 31 recolored Wizard Hats to game world that can be bought in the following mage guilds: Ald-ruhn, Balmora, Caldera, Vivec. You have to be a member of the mage guild before you can buy onebecause it is a symbol of wizard; a symbol of status.Some sellers will refuse to sell you hats if your level is too low but not all.Due to the way in which Morrowind works, there is no such thing as a 'hat' therefore the wizard hats are actually classified as light armour. No way around this unforunately.