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Last updated at 19:31, 9 Jul 2007 Uploaded at 19:55, 8 Jul 2007

* Qarl Textures for Blood & Mud
* -- Dirt Deluxe Anglais --

by dev_akm

This is an optional add-on for M.Syd jr.'s Blood&Mud - Dirt Deluxe
Anglais. It's intended for users of Qarl's Texture Packs who may
have a hard time coping with the vanilla-resolution textures used in

This mod replaces the new Bravil architecture meshes used in Blood&Mud
so they are redirected to use Qarl's high-res textures from QTP3 or

Neither Blood&Mud nor Qarl's textures are included. You must download
them separately.

Because Blood&Mud alters the atmosphere of Bravil to be significantly
darker and "bloodier", I've taken some liberties with the choice of
textures to try and preserve this feeling. This means you will see
some changes from Qarl's original vision for Bravil, but it's still
not quite as dark as the original Blood&Mud.

* Performance

Be warned that Blood&Mud adds a huge number of new objects to Bravil.
Combined with the large textures from QTP3, this can add more than
100Mb of VRAM usage in Bravil, causing slow load times, stuttering,
and loss of FPS.

Performance may be slowed even on very high-end video cards.

Do not use this mod on a low-end video card.

You've been warned.

* Requirements

This mod requires Blood & Mud. It will have very limited effect on
Bravil without Blood & Mud. It must be installed after Blood & Mud.

You can find more information about Blood & Mud here:

The Oblivion Quest List

This mod will work best using QTP3, but it should also work with the
textures from QTP2: Parallaxed Qarl by Blade9722. It may even work
with Bethesda's vanilla textures, but I haven't tested this and it
may cause some oddities with parallaxed mesh surfaces.

You can find more info on Qarl's texture packs here:

The Oblivion Texture Overhaul

* Installation

To install, extract the archive and move or copy the \Meshes\ folder
to your \Oblivion\Data\ folder. It will overwrite the meshes that
were added when you installed Blood & Mud.

If you just want to replace the city architecture meshes, then you
can remove the \Meshes\architecture\castle\bravil\ folder prior to